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Albert Camus – Strainul 10 [Hardcover] [Anonymous] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lang: Romanian, Pages Reprinted in with.

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Put in certain circumstances, this takes him to his death through a simple case development. Gilbert’s choice of title, The Strangerwas changed by Hamish Hamilton to The Outsiderbecause they considered it “more striking and appropriate” and because Maria Straknul ‘s Polish novel Cudzoziemka had recently been published in London as The Stranger.

Salamano mentions that the neighbours ‘said nasty things’ about him after sending his mother to a retirement home.

Străinul; Ciuma; Căderea; Exilul și Împărăția; Mitul lui Sisif

He does not divulge to the reader straainul specific reason for his crime or what he feels, other than being bothered by the heat and intensely bright sunlight. Or maybe yesterday, I don’t know. Terry Otten has studied in detail the relationship between Meursault and his mother.

It would take a book at least the length of the novel to make a complete analysis of meaning and form and the correspondences of meaning and form, in L’Etranger. Works by Albert Camus. Things no one cared are put in the balance of his life and death. The Stranger Albert Camus. Ally Mihaela rated it it was amazing Sep 15, His austere search for moral order found its aesthetic correlative in the classicism of his art.

The Arab the brother of the mistress of Raymond is a man shot and killed by Meursault on a beach in colonial Algiers. Meursault is tried and sentenced to death.


Open Preview See a Problem? Daoud explores their subsequent lives following the withdrawal of French authorities and most pied-noirs from Algeria after the conclusion of the Algerian War of Independence in His final assertion is that a large, hateful crowd at his execution will end his loneliness and bring everything to a comsummate end. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Hardcoverpages. While waiting to learn his fate, either his successful appeal or execution of his death sentence, Meursault meets with a chaplain, but rejects his proffered opportunity of turning to God. Its theme and outlook are often cited as examples of Camus’s philosophy of the absurd and existentialismthough Camus personally rejected the latter label. Reading how a man describes his own decay is always interesting.

At night in his cell, he finds a final happiness in his indifference towards the world and the lack of meaning he sees in everyone and everything.

Anca Achim rated it it was amazing Dec 26, Rieux of La Peste The Plague, who tirelessly attends the plague-stricken citizens of Oran, enacts the revolt against a world of the absurd and of injustice, and confirms Camus’s words: The Stranger’s first edition consisted of 4, copies and was not an immediate best-seller.

As Meursault nears the time strajnul his execution, he feels a kinship with his mother, thinking she, too, embraced a meaningless universe. The Stranger or The Outsider Cover of the first edition. Her brother and friends try to take revenge. Camus was influenced by American literary style, and Ward’s translation expresses American usage. Albert Camus The Outsider Privirea lui Camus te insoteste, ajutandu-te sa te orientezi intre pretentiile societatii si propriile tale complicitati.


Meursault sees no reason not to help him, and it pleases Raymond.

Gilbert juxtaposes “execration” with “execution”. Retrieved 14 October Profilul lui Mihai rated it it was amazing May 16, This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

The Stranger (Camus novel) – Wikipedia

Not all stories here are long enough to have what to talk about anyway. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Gilbert translates “on the day of my execution there should be a huge crowd of spectators and that they should greet me with howls of execration”, which contrasts with Laredo’s translation of “greet me with cries of hatred.

Cristina Foarfa rated it it was amazing May 20, Gabriella rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Ward translates this as “with cries of hate”. This postcolonialist response to The Stranger counters Camus’ version, elements from the perspective of the brother of the unnamed Arab victim naming him and presenting him as a real person who was mourned and other protagonists.

Salamano is an old man who routinely walks his dog. Retrieved 1 June