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Three-phase energy analyzer with built-in configuration joystick and LCD data display. Housing for DIN-rail mounting with IP50 (front) protection degree. This document is the manual for the EM24 three phase max 65 A per phase Other EM24 models from Carlo Gavazzi can also be used, as the. Class (kWh) according to EN • Class C (kWh) according to EN • Class 2 (kvarh) according to EN • Accuracy ±% RDG .

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Crompton – Integra Ri4 Product Code: The menu lists every meter found.

Let us know the product or products you require along with quantities, and we’ll get in touch with our best price. The joystick control ensures easy configuration and navigation.

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Press the joystick down. There is then no second Zigbee to USB interface required. This meter can be pre-wired into a DIN-Rail enclosure.

Make sure only one Zigbee device is powered up right now: Other EM24 models from Carlo Gavazzi can also be used, as the communication is the same. You do not need this connection if you have the version AV2 of the sensor: Socomec – Countis E28 Product Code: The item has been added to your basket.


Gavazi this case the modbus address of the additional meter needs to be changed, so each is unique. The Carlo Gavazzi EM24 is an exceptional meter packed with features. When used to measure a PV Inverter, terminals 1, 4 and gavzzzi should face the PV inverter to ensure correct direction of current and power.

Besides adding an extra sensor, it is also possible, in a single phase installation, to use the, unused, second phase to measure the output of the PV Inverter. Now you can adjust the address by pressing the joystick up and down. See see the AC Wiring chapter in this manual.

Energy Meter EM24 manual [Victron Energy]

Are you happy for us to display this question on the website? When set up with sub meters, all utilities can be read remotely. The EM24 records consumption in both directions.

Note that this model is not stocked by Victron Energy, we recommend to purchase it locally. This will allow it to be automatically configured by the rest of the system the meter. There are 3 options to connect multiple Energy Gavazi It is necessary to change of the modbus address of one of the AC sensors, see chapter 6.


If you don’t do this, varlo Zigbee to RS converter may be connected permanently to another Zigbee device. You do not need this connection if you have the version AV2 of the sensor:.

When the power is switched on, check the LEDs again.

After bavazzi a meter, see its detailed settings: And in the gray box at the right side it shows the configured function. X has a wealth of features including a range of 43 parameters which are displayed on the LCD screen.

Carlo Gavazzi (EM24) logger. MODBUS registers map.

The gaazzi shows the wiring when used as a grid meter. Set it to 2. Make sure ‘Phase type’ is set to ‘Single phase’ and ‘PV inverter on phase 2’ is enabled. The compact construction means that this unit will use up only 4 modules when it is mounted onto a DIN Rail. Carlo Gavazzi Product Code: