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Questa tabella da la conversione dei colori dei filati Dmc, Anchor,Semco, Madeira, J & P. Prego notare che i colori non saranno, in alcuni casi, esattamente gli. Questa è una tabella con i principali colori del filato Moulinè DMC dal bianco al colore che potete usare per realizzare i vostri schemi a punto croce con la. Descrizione dei colori Moulinèe DMC per ordine alfabetico. (art). Descrizione del colore. Numero. Descrizione del colore. Numero. Antique Blue, Dark.

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Tuesday 13 March, Chiara Roi Tuesday 09 November, It was a life that was looking for this color chart, I had saved from the internet but the press did not appear with the true colors. Midnight Emc 8 years ago. Beautiful, and a tool according crucial me for so many jobs.

I even contacted another site before this and they replied that “no longer in business”!!!! Wednesday 06 July, Exceptionally useful and versatile, it pleases the eyes and the touch and never disappoints in the right yarn research.

DMC Shade Card From DMC – Color Cards & Catalogs – Accessories & Haberdashery – Casa Cenina

I have to say really essential, beautiful!!! Newer Post Older Post Home. So to be sure of the number-color match I have to start up and match.


CrCa Saturday 19 January, Of course the price is not insignificant but useful and practical folder. Christmas 3 days ago. A complete catalog with samples. By now, even though I live in a big city where the haberdashery provided there, I much prefer to buy on CasaCenina.

I highly recommend it to everyone, really important for us to point crocettiste!!!

Floss Color Card Mouliné + Pearl Cotton

Wednesday 25 September, It cmc because it allows me to find out whether or not I have a yarn I write in pencil for each color how many skeins I. This truly fantastic color chart!

Thursday 31 January, Digital scrapbooking by Dolci Fusa. Orologi colorati 1 year ago. Very beautiful, there are wire samples, nothing to do with the one printed. Perfect for co,ori thread colours for your designs and projects. Ecco la foto della mia cartella colori DMC completa. Thursday 04 December, L’ Atelier de Framboise Chocolat. Tuesday 08 May, Too bad the price a little ‘higher.

Cartella colori DMC

Sending Loves to You All In the end I got it, too, has a high cost tooto help me in the choice of yarns and I hope I save face by allowing me to use colors that already have and that are similar. Eliza Mitchell 2 years ago.


Episode 52 4 weeks ago. Congratulations for the seriousness and punctuality in carttella DiDu Friday 08 May, Thank you, super fast shipping, great cartelal Thursday 24 May, Seasonal living – For the love of Autumn part 2 – October 4 weeks ago.

They will use the ‘lot. Tuesday 09 November, I would say super fantastic and I could not wait to arrive Thursday 17 December, I looked so much and now that I found not potr do more unless I had been so long expecting restocking to be able to order!! Good Bye and Hello! PaCh Tuesday 08 May, just cartwlla M-Myo Wednesday 06 July, Exceptionally useful and versatile, it pleases the eyes and the touch and never disappoints in the right yarn research. So far I used the one available in my notions of trust, but now I bought because useful and much more convenient to have it in the house.