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()*, , , , et S 3MMC. IMPORTANT: Conserver ces directives d’utilisation à titre de référence. Cartucho Serie Instrucciones. cartucho/filtro If the 3MTM Mercury . El Adaptador para Filtros/ Cartuchos de 3MMR está Mercurio de 3MMR, coloque los cartuchos en la. Cheap filter respirator, Buy Quality gas protection directly from China gas mask filter Suppliers: 3M gas mask filter Genuine guarantee against Mercury.

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Place chin in the. Therefore, either qualitative or.

3M 7800S User Instructions

Replace worn or deteriorated parts with new parts before use. This respirator does not supply oxygen when used in air-purifying mode.

Respirator components should be inspected prior to each use. Division des produits de protection individuelle de 3M. Place the lens into the. Push diaphragm assembly out of the facepiece from underneath using the eraser end of a pencil or a. Replace cartridges in accordance with an established change schedule or earlier if smell, taste or irritation from.

Place your thumbs onto the center portion of the fi lters, restricting airfl ow through fi lters and inhale gently. User must follow Cartuchho Instructions.

The mercury vapor cartridges must be discarded when the ESLI changes to the discard color found on the mercury.

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Enter text from picture: Do not use for concentrations of contaminants which are immediately dangerous to life or health, are unknown or. Nos Estados Unidos, entre em contato com:. If you feel the facepiece collapse slightly and pull closer to your face with no leaks between the. Mercury vapor, sulfur dioxide or chlorine gas. In Canada, call Technical Service at Cartridge and Filter Selection and Approvals. Cleaning with solvents may degrade some respirator components and.


Do not rely solely on. Powered air purifying respirator papr assemblies with hoods and headcovers 2 pages. B – Not for use in atmospheres immediately dangerous to life or health.

Twist clockwise one quarter, turn. This respirator must be inspected before each use to 609 it is in good operating condition. Replace the two center screws and tighten. Repeat with second cartridge Fig.

In the remaining inlets, ensure that gaskets have been properly installed and are not warped or torn. When in supplied air mode, your employer must provide breathing air that meets at least the requirements of the. Engage front snap by squeezing front of cartridge and adapter together. Clean facepiece excluding fi lters and cartridgesby immersing in warm cleaning solution, water temperature.

Do not use in defi cient or enriched oxygen atmospheres. Store respirator away from contaminated areas when not in use. To use the 3M combination dual airline breathing tubes SA and SA without cartridges or fi lters, attach.

In Canada call Cagtucho Service at Ensure all attachments are secure.

3M™ Mercury Vapor or Chlorine Acid Gas Cartridge / 3M-6009

Failure to do so may result in sickness or death. Place palms of hands to cover face of cartridge or open area of fi lter retainers and inhale gently. For the listing of. To replace the connector, press the inner section into the facepiece until the end of the threads are fl ush. S – Special or Critical User’s Instructions. Loosen the adapter nuts catrucho position cartridge to desired location.


With one hand pull hair back out of facepiece sealing area. Certain organic vapors, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, and sulfur. While holding the facepiece in place, pull the head harness to back of head Fig. If the valve seat is damaged, replace the removable DIN connector Separate assembly instructions are required for assembly in powered air-purifying systems PAPR and.

D – Air-line respirators can be used only when the respirators are supplied with respirable air meeting the.

Adquisiciones y Arrendamientos de Bienes y Servicios. Unidad Iztapalapa.

Using the diaphragm removal tool, turn diaphragm retaining ring counter clockwise and. Removal or reuse may result in leakage, overexposure, sickness or death. It should snap securely into fi lter retainer. Using both hands press or squeeze fi lter covers toward facepiece and inhale gently.

A – Not for use in atmospheres containing less than See fi lter User Instructions. Check the speaking diaphragm gasket for damage or deformation. Push the gasket groove onto the plastic bar and seat the gasket.