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PETZL is a leading manufacturer of climbing and work-at-height equipment and The Tools and Techniques sport catalog is still available as a PDF. The catalog continues in this vein. The solutions shape has never changed, and is still sold in Petzl catalogs today, over forty years later. Fernand paid. TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES Sharing expertise “My father, Fernand Petzl, was an artisan and explorer with a passion for caving. For him.

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Depending on the model of the headlamp, change in light output over time is controlled in two ways: It is not uncommon to see an inexperienced party leave with a huge bag and spend two or three hours hauling it up one pitch! At m the light it emits is the same as that of a full moon, or 0. Lithium Ion Polymer technology guarantees a petz, life equivalent to more than batteries.

Be sure that the pictogram of the person on the black side plate is on the side of the victim. For technical trails, a power greater than lm is recommended. Low bulk and flexible rear equipment loops prevent the waistbelt from interfering while wearing a pack. Consequences of a broken bolt If the petxl bolt breaks, the climber will be held by the second bolt.

To reduce weight, a 30m length of UIAA rope is sufficient. Place a quick link in the bolt between the quickdraw and the rock. The energy available is thus better conserved. And yet that Sunday I made caatalogo error that could have cost me my life. The remote battery pack allows the energy pdtzl to be protected from the cold under clothes.

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It is time for us, specially the regular participants, to adopt new habits. But this learning is not everything. Actalogo elasticized leg loops stay snug to ensure cataloo in a fall and when hanging out at the belay, without constricting movement while climbing.


Before closing the pulley for the transfer, remember to engage the toothed cam to allow jamming. He was an obsessive, creative worker who offered his ideas to help his companions by producing the tools they needed to explore the caves of Chartreuse and Vercors France.

Petzl Sport Catalog En – [PDF Document]

The rope is used only to belay the child. The stresses placed on a bolt when lowering or rappelling are therefore practically identical. The rope in the carabiner must pass through it from the cliff side to the outside.

Consequences of a broken bolt If the top bolt breaks, the climber will be held under the next quickdraw by the Prusik knot.

Petzl Sport Catalog 2011 En

Choosing the hauling technique best suited to, for cataloho, a traverse or a big overhang is also key. The quantity of light needed varies among individuals, the nature of the peyzl and the race and expected speed. Choose a via ferrata that you know, one that is manageable, with escape options, and suited to your technical level as well as your childs Explain the instructions for safe progression before leaving Be properly equipped: At first glance, nothing too complicated.

Participants in other exposed activities, such as divers, have understood and implemented this concept for a long time.

Index of /~vladimar/software_speleo/Catalogos/Petzl 2011/pdf

It is the equivalent of the horsepower of a car or motor. Refer to the other pages as well as to the user instructions and technical manuals. Fourequipment loops wont limit this harness to short sport climbs. An anchor-end carabiner may become slightly nicked with use.

Lightweight and comfortable, with large gear-carrying capacity, it is perfect for big wall climbing. Its comfort and ease of use make it suitable for a wide range xatalogo users for climbing, mountaineering or via ferrata.


In the detail, though, there are many aspects to consider in order to move quickly and surely: Complete the anchor by attaching a long sling. Technical training is essential.

And yet Yet it had been a Sunday like any other. This type of lighting is recommended for technical trails, where you have to see far and quickly. Afterwards, at Petzl, we have always started with this idea: Use a figure eight knot to tie into the harness. This will be your footloop.

Tools that help them progress and commit in vertical or dark terrain. 201 multi-pitch routes, they should never be forgotten! A case in point: For heavier bags, you can either use two climbers for counterweight or employ ctaalogo hauling techniques. In multi-pitch climbs, a situation can quickly become complicated and delicate. Place the quickdraw into the sling above the knot.

He can then transfer the entire load. For example, an lux m t h twometers0h30 that of a full moon, or 0.

It is impossible to empty your haul bag at each station to find an item forgotten at the bottom. Then insert the rope.

This mode is useful when light output is not the most important consideration. In snow, it is important to place the sling in a groove in the anticipated direction of pull so that the buried object is not pulled out. An ultralight and super compact harness for maximum climbing performance. Descend and clean the route. Jocelyn ChavyClimber check by belayer: Lower to the pftzl bolt.