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Products > Online Catalogue > Product sheet. B. About Urmet Title, Language, Downloads. Sep 3, , INSTALLATION MANUAL, it,en, pdf 98 KB. Online Catalogue · Highlight Products Foundation of Urmet Domus, company that specializes on integrate solutions Urmet’s 75th anniversary. anche il gruppo Urmet, vede la Prodel creare l’unità Prodel Engineering al Modello a catalogo Urmet Domus / Model available at Urmet Domus catalogue.

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Glipho cinematic operation, which guaranteed a mechanical slowing down. Large distances between camera and monitors.

sacotel is the EXCLUSIVE AGENT of the below international brands in Lebanon

Uremt and toggle operation. It can manage the various IPervoice system functions, adding important utilities such as displaying the route for reaching the called user a very convenient function in complex multiple building residential compounds or the possibility of combining logos and images to names.

Allows to all any system user by means of a virtual keypad on screen. Aprimatic Aprimatic is one of the most successful international brands specialised in the production of automatisms for gates, doors and windows.

Aitek » WISI-catalogueFrench

Sinthesi is the all modular entry panel which can be installed either vertically or horizontally. The number of risers is unlimited: Smart electronic control units reduce the need for adjustment, installation, set-up and maintenance times.

No separate bracket needed. Furthermore, by using special decoders and apartments station add-on modules, a variety of supplementary functions can be implemented in each system such as switching the staircase lights on, opening the garage door and many, many more without needing to add wires Above all, 2Voice integrates video surveillance: CCTV management is simple and practical: Shapes, materials and treatments speak of technology, and are the ideal combination with IPervoice: Provided with a drawn aluminium front panel with plastic material headers, button holder frame with metal buttons and flush-mounting box.


The request for complete security in offices and shops is also on the rise. The display shows system status, temperature, current time, operating mode, programmed time range for the current day and flat battery indicator. Audio efficiency is optimal using two high power speakers. Furthermore, provided with speech and digital diallers, the system can manage robbery, panic and technological alarms. Two call generators are present for differentiated calls between services.

General catalogue – AHI – Toshiba. Up to four common entrances may be present in the compound and each building may have two secondary switching entrances in turn.

In the website it is possible to look up all the functionalities and updates in terms of product novelty and system integrations! Provided with self-resetting PTC protection, adjustable timer and call generator.

For better results, use with protection device Ref. Equipped with output short-circuit protection. Very versatile and suitable for replacing door phones ‘mod. The new system is different from the previous ones due to its software and hardware innovations which optimize the data transmission and allow a better programming flexibility to support the different installation needs.

The automation units are equipped with intelligent electronic control system. The wireless ringer reception range reaches or metres according to the model. Small companies Medium sized companies and services Homes 9: Furthermore, audio feed to the outside can be cut off during hands-free communications for additional conversation privacy. Urjet fitted, 7 DIN modules. Design solutions for stylish homes.

In addition to the fire range, you can rely on a complete range of gas detectors with actuators and accessories, such as the new one- and two-sided urmey warning signs. Ideal for simple blocks of flats with a single entrance door and one rising column, Bibus VOP is the answer also for complex compounds with several buildings and several staircases, in which common entry panels catalogke secondary entry panels for each staircase are needed. In this way, the devices are physically installed in three different zones and no additional wires are needed.


Ideal for transforming a typical door bell system into complete door phone system without needing to add wires to the riser column.

Power Vac – 50 VA. Engraving on catalotue brass using Stencil font and on non-perforated brass or PVC with possibility of choosing between two fonts: In the year Urmet is one of the first in the World to design a Video door phone system.

The whole activity is planned through a PERT diagram, which defines Meanwhile, Urmet invented the telephone coin and the pre-paid telephone card.

Alba Urmet Door Phone:

Up to 5 switchboards may be installed in each system, assigning a specific zone of competence to each. Thanks to its constant investment in technology research and to its customer focus, it can propose products and systems designed on the specific requirements of the market. Exigo Special can be used to make models to measure to replace any Urmet panel or system made by another manufacturer indicated by the Customer.

The sales network is diffused all over the national territory. Each apartment station can be chosen according to requirements and up to three apartment stations can be installed in parallel.