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Celotex have discontinued the GA insulation board. Here we explain which product to choose instead and why these changes have come. Buy 50mm Celotex PIR GA, a high performance multi purpose rigid Insulation board used as floor, roof and wall insulation that achieves an A+ rating, least. Buy 80mm Celotex GA, a multipurpose PIR insulation board that achieves an A+ rating when compared to the BRE Green Guide.

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In celltex system, the first layer of insulation is applied as a complete layer over the rafters. Click Tick-Box to select one or more items. It can be used for a number of applications including roof, wall and floor insulation.

Continued tests have shown the old value to be incorrect.

80mm Celotex GA4000 PIR Insulation Board

On existing walls consideration should be given to lining the reveals with a thinner layer of insulation and lining board. Changes to Celotex GA Products. The old values were 0.

With low emissivity foil facings, GA is manufactured from rigid polyisocyanurate PIR using a blend of blowing agents that have zero ozone depletion potential zero ODP and low global warming potential Ag4000. The recipient of the products is responsible for any additional lifting once the delivery has been made. Common applications for this product include Check our frequently asked questions for common queries about positioning and installing products correctly, or contact our technical services team.

The entire thickness range offers a low thermal conductivity lambda value of 0. In new work the construction must be designed to accommodate the thickness of the dry lining, particularly at reveals, heads, sills and in relation to ceiling height.

If you would like to learn about insulation, check our guide to thermal insulation. We will discuss this with you upon receipt of the cancellation request.


These changes also apply to the TB insulation board which includes a size range of mm. This means that all GA boards purchased on Insulation Express will be swapped for the GA product or customers can purchase the GA when looking for the appropriate alternative to GA This also prevents screed migration between the board joints, thus avoiding cold gx4000. Please note that we cannot accept returns on special orders.

This creates a warm, potentially habitable, roof space in which water pipes and tanks no longer need to be insulated. When used over the roof structure ga000 insulating sarking, Celotex insulation creates a warm roof structure and eliminates thermal bridging celotexx the rafters, whilst the foil facings, used in conjunction with taped joints, provide an effective barrier to moisture vapour and air leakage. The specification of insulation for ground floors is more complex than that for walls or roofs.

GA products below mm will be included in the GA range with a declared lambda value of 0. With regard to timber frame dwellings up to 18m in height, the BBA certification assessed thermal performance, condensation risk, water resistance and durability.

Click items below for pricing structure. The installation of insulated dry lining systems requires careful detailing around doors and windows ccelotex achieve a satisfactory surface for finishing.

A survey of the wall may be required to establish the extent of any packing that may be required to ensure the support battens provide a uniform plane for the boards to be fixed.

Please contact our customer services team onwho will be happy to help. Use our online and mobile U-value calculators to help you find the most efficient solution for each type of construction. Celotex can be used in conjunction with appropriate internal lining boards, such as Gyproc or Knauf Plasterboards or associated products such as Knauf Thermal Laminate or Gyproc ThermaLine high performance wall-boards, as an insulating dry lining system to improve the thermal insulation of existing and new, solid or cavity masonry walls or timber-frame walls of dwellings or buildings of similar occupancy, type and conditions.


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50mm Celotex GA PIR Insulation Board | Multi Purpose Insulation

The very low thermal conductivity of Celotex Tuff-R GA enables high levels of insulation celottex be achieved with minimal overall thickness. This is because the mechanisms for heat flow are affected by the ratio of surface area to perimeter.

How does GA perform? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The GA board is available in sizes mm. GA may also be used in locations where the gw4000 surface is inaccessible, such as existing ceilings of flat roofs.

The BBA allowed them to continue to sell all products at the initial value while further tests were undertaken. With some breathable membranes, the cold side of the insulation may be placed in direct contact with the membrane check with membrane supplier prior to specification.

Insulating interior partition walls and the interiors of external walls Celotex GA will significantly improve the thermal insulation of new and existing, solid or cavity masonry walls masonry includes clay and calcium silicate bricks, concrete blocks, natural and reconstituted stone blocks or timber-frame walls of dwellings and buildings of similar occupancy, type and condition.

Historically, the use of steel framed walls has been found mostly in the construction of commercial buildings.

What is Celotex GA? Celotex GA mm, 1. Where very low U-values are required Celotex recommends a two-layer system in order to reduce the racking forces on the fasteners required to fix counter- battens to rafters.