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Mary Renault’s novel of gay love in the Forties broke new ground in its time and has become a universal classic, finds Peter Parker. After enduring an injury at Dunkirk during World War II, Laurie Odell is sent to a rural veterans’ hospital in England to convalesce. There he befriends the young, . Editorial Reviews. Review. “Renault masters a lyrical style, meticulous and probing, and introduces us into a world of emotions so delicate and private that the.

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A third members-locked chapter-by-chapter discussion of The Charioteer began with Chapter One on 9 Januaryand continued through to the discussion of the final chapter, which began 8 May While reading this, I remembered that novels are an art form. Now the horses and drivers of the gods are of equal temper and breed, but with men it is otherwise… it sinks down in the midst of heaven, and returns to its own home.

I A review is not possible, not for me anyway, because the book is so rich and complex I don’t think I have the means to write about it.

Examples of unscheduled discussion posts in the maryrenaultfics LiveJournal community:. To view it, click here.

The Charioteer by Mary Renault | : Books

He’s a pacifist but not a coward. Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. I really do have to catch up on my queer history, because I didn’t realize a book like this was possible, then.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

The North Face The Charioteer I could really imagine this one being narrated in the kind of voice that BBC announcers in the ‘s used to have On the other hand, it is a challenging novel to read for a reason I adore in books: The book is set in the 2nd World war and revolves around our hero, Laurie, who is injured during Dunkirk and is now recuperating in an army hospital in England.


It works on more than one level, and in fact it’s one of those books that can be re-read to discover what you missed the first, second, third time around.

Trivia About The Charioteer.

Part of my problem is that I’ve resolved from the beginning to be incredibly stingy with my five-star ratings. Such is the life of the gods.

Too much life is caught up and cut for any argument of resulting benefit to hold. The only gay man I was aware of was a guy, who sold feather dusters around the centre of Athens; he was campy, outspoken, mocked, and it scared me that I might be like him.

We might like to be. The more you try to be honest with them, the more they lie to you. Aunt Olive’s surname is not given in the book; but, like Lucy’s maiden name, it is usually taken to be Lethbridge. Accessed 4 August This strongly affected other fans’ understanding of Sandy as a gay character in the novel.

The Charioteer First ed. There are really sentimental moments Andrew’s letter especiallybut the ending’s little twist makes me laugh out loud. On one side is Andrew, a pious, naive young conscientious objector who works in the hospital as an orderly; on the other is Ralph, an old school friend who, despite having many affairs with men and women while traveling the world in the navy, still harbors strong feelings for Laurie. This basically means that any reference to sex in the book is only alluded to, and alluded to so obliquely that I wasn’t sure it had actually happened at first!

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I thought that perhaps I ought to read The Charioteerespecially after Josh Lanyon has mentioned it quite a few times since as being a great book.

The Charioteer

General discussion of The Charioteer’ s characters, plot, themes, and motifs has been popular in all journaling communities for Renault’s works. That I love it, is a given. The Charioteer is, for a book published in the mainstream press in fenault s, remarkably frank about the sexuality of its characters.

Yet he still longs for Andrew who represents innocence lost.

This is my all-time favorite book, for many reasons that are hard to explain. I think I must enjoy the inherent romance and painfully secret fharioteer surrounding homosexual relationships in the pre-Stonewall era: However, fans were aware that Renault acknowledged she had revisited some of the themes from The Charioteer the last of her contemporary novels in The Last of the Wine the first of her historical novelsand so at several points during the chapter-by-chapter disussion, the parallels between the two books became the subject of discussion [7] [8] [9] [10].

Accessed 14 August See the List of Characters in The Charioteer for more information.