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Jul 21, Posts about Charles Perry “The Haight-Ashbury” written by jimfriedrich. The Haight-Ashbury explosion of was perhaps the most written-about and least understood event of the sixties. The reporters who descended on the. Feb 26, Charles Perry Haight, Ashbury, hippies. The intersection of Haight and Ashbury Streets was a beacon for thousands of hippies, thrill-seekers.

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Aug 14, Katrina rated it liked it Shelves: So I got into as many scenes as I could. He later served as a trustee of the Symposium from to Annie rated it really liked it Oct 17, He graduated from Berkeley in Our formative glimpses of a new heaven and a new earth may have come and gone, but their influence still lingers.

Good Bob Weir quote: Books by Charles Perry.

The Haight-Ashbury: A History

Just before midnight, a police car pulled up next to me. Wenner Books, The Haight had obviously gone downhill, demonstrating you never step into the same river twice.

Very thorough, unbiased account of an interesting time in the US social history. Here’s what happened, here’s why it almost worked, and here’s how it ultimately failed.


Did it change the world? Although Haight-Ashbury started as a student neighborhood, it quickly became the locus of a new artistic movement. On my first day, I walked into the glass-walled staff booth overlooking the ward room to introduce myself.

Much of what Perry writes I can personally vouch for. I liked being reminded of Ralph Gleason, the SF Chronicle’s jazz writer who in “irritated his readership by speaking kindly of folk rock and actually encouraging people to see the British rock bands.

Alexander Pico rated it liked it Ashburh 23, I wanted to give the last hours hcarles the Sixties my undivided attention. You knew the way around. For the most part this book is just fun to read though. Via the Oracle and the Barb we had the ongoing news from the Haight. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Charles Perry “The Haight-Ashbury” | The religious imagineer

I would have enjoyed it more if it were less clinical and had more personal accounts. He covered the Berkeley connections, the influence of the Watts riots, the role of the establishment and non-establishment media.

The officer got out, walked over to my window, and aimed a flashlight at my face. Some place far away, half-remembered when you wake up. A chronological record, quite accurate, focused on the period Sep 25, tim rated it really liked it Recommended to aahbury by: I gave her my best smile.



But it was really like something that shimmered. Written by Charles Perry of Rolling Stones fame, the book does a good job in bringing forth the events of that day and age. Instead we get a long, disjointed diary of such non-events as, “”After last week’s brush with the Health Department, the Family Dog and the Oracle donated eight large trash bins to clean up the mess left on Haight Street by the Easter Week crowds. The powers set free within its tents seem but idle fancies.

The author in Like the Kingdom of God, the circus comes and goes. The attempt to talk now about the CIRCUS, so soon after its vanishing, comes with a price——acknowledgement of my separation from it.