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The Fredegar Chronicles Roger Collins 1 Table of Contents Abbreviations Bibliography Introduction: One Work or Two? Part One – The Fredegar Compilation. century that he was so called, though Fredegar is an authentic. Prankish name. He left behind him what, in a word, may be called a chronicle; and it is because. The fourth book of the Chronicle of Fredegar: with its continuations / translated from the Latin with introduction and notes by J. M. Wallace-Hadrill.

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For one thing he seems to have drawn up his own list of contents for it; despite the fact that the work itself has an original table of contents of its own, which he also included along with the author’s preface. For the suggestion that this manuscript was in Heidelberg in the early 17th century see below p. The two mid-ninth century Class Two vhronicle have already been noted, but no other copies of Fredegar are known to have been written at this time.

This lacks a preface but has a table of chapters, even though the first chapter of the text takes the form of another and slightly different list of contents. The correct order of the final folios should be ff.

Chronicle of Fredegar – Wikipedia

The transition from the material in the abbreviated first fhronicle books of the Histories of Gregory of Tours to the new section of text composed by Fredegar himself occurs in the description of the events of the year Intermediate chapters in this book are mainly filled with reports of events outside Francia. Empire and Society Manchester, Linguistically, the original seventh century version of the work is a very valuable source for the investigation of the grammatical and orthographic peculiarities of Merovingian Latin, and the manuscript evidence of the second version is almost equally useful in the study of the impact of the reforms of both script and spelling of the reign of Charlemagne Graf, Monch und Rebellp.


Each folio appears to have been ruled individually. The fredegag are pricked and ruled across the bifolium, with double outer margins delineating the written space on each page.

The Chronicle of Fredegar

The first represents a change between the scribes of the Fredegar text, who were writing in a pre-Caroline minuscule that has been dated to cbronicle and the scribe of the Breviarium of Ercanbert, writing in a pure Caroline minuscule of the later ninth century. Jerome, Hydatius, ‘a certain wise man’, Isidore, and Gregory. If it has rivals in these dubious claims to distinction, there are not many of them. One almost Z shaped piece is approximately frsdegar 77 mm.

Quire numbers may be seen in the centre of the lower margins of the verso of the final folio of the first two gatherings ff. For punctuation ; is used for the long pause and. The precise contents of the two small pieces and their relationship to the larger one can not be determined. The resulting structure would seem to be as follows: At the simplest level, the only part of its contents that has really interested historians is the concluding section that covers the years from to It did not win immediate scholarly support.

The scribe of the ancestral manuscript of Class Three also took the surprising decision to insert an additional item into the middle of the compilation, between Books Two and Three. Trivia About The Fourth Book o Particularly notable in the final section of his compilation are the numerous reports of events that occurred beyond the frontiers of Francia. Log In Sign Up. There are many other such examples. Once deprived of this source, Paul’s account of Lombard history is relatively thin until it reaches the s.

It also contains information relating to Spain, Italy, the northern Slavs and the Byzantine Empire in the late sixth and first half of the seventh century that is not to be found elsewhere.

The date and place of origin suggested here for MS Berlin, Deutsche Staatsbibliothek, Phillipps in note 4 chtonicle both wrong. Empire and Society Manchester,pp. What is clear from the kind of judgements that Fredegar makes on the great men of the s and early s, not excluding king Dagobert I, is that he looked for particular virtues.


Conober, rendered as Coneber in the other MSS of the fhronicle But, as with so much else, the abrupt ending of his work prevents any certainty. Because of the codicological complexity of the relationships, it might be helpful to draw attention to the two main results of the study of the Leiden and Vatican manuscripts: As its script, contents and size of written space also distinguish it from the rest of the MS, it is most likely that this did not form part of the original codex, but was bound in with it at some later date.

There are underlinings in the text, probably of the same date, as far as f. Exceptionally, there are 23 lines on f. Si quis ei abstulerit, maledictus sit ex Patre et Filio et Spiritu sancto. For Fredegar as a source for diplomatic history of the period see P.

He also records events and individuals concerned with Austrasia, with ffedegar relatively frequent mention of Metz. Of Grimoald he has effectively three things to say.

The Fourth Book of the Chronicle of Fredegar: With Its Continuations.

For the appearance of Ercanbert in MS St. There are some similarities between the script of this manuscript and that of a probably late seventh century century codex from Lyon: The opinions he gives have the character of ones formed at first-hand. While freregar small borrowings by Fredgar go unacknowledged, it seems very strange that he should make a point of stressing a chgonicle to the Spanish bishop that may not extend beyond half a dozen lines of text.

The MS except for f. The chapter divisions of the epitome of Gregory of Tours are, on the other hand, complete and accord with the table of contents that precedes this section.