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The BRUKS Circular Overpile Stacker Reclaimer is a standalone semi-circular automated storage pile solution for plants that need high volume storage in a. The BRUKS Circular Blending Bed Stacker Reclaimer is a standalone semi- circular automated storage pile solution for plants that need high volume storage in. The most economical automated storage facility using a Stacker Reclaimer System in outdoor applications. AMECO’s Circular Stockyard solutions are used for.

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This accomplishes true first-in-first-out reclaiming of the material.

A reclaimer can take the material either cjrcular the side of the pile or from the front. Get in touch with us for your bulk handling equipment needs Contact us. I consent to bruks. It has been designed for indoor applications where the Reclaim Conveyor is underground.

Customer oriented engineering Worldwide delivery Turnkey planning including material transport, screening and storage technology Implementation in existing plants Parts consignment programs Service and reliability programs Installation. In short, the longitudinal arrangement allows easy future expansion but requires more space, while the circular arrangement basically prevents any future expansion but has a more compact footprint.

Possible bottle necks and their consequences regarding plant availability will be identified to ensure a smooth material handling process. When operating from the side, reclaimers will be equipped with scraping chains to scrape the material towards a conveyor located alongside the pile.


Circular stacker-reclaimers

The machine is all above grade installation. Included, as part of our supply, is the complete electrical design of the power and control system, including motor controls. I consent to bruks. AMECO also offers homogenization where the chemical component of the raw material varies.

Reclaiming of the material is done through the continuous traveling of the harrow through the material which is mounted on the reclaimer truss structure. The screw reclaim device then conveys the material into the center turret of the machine.

Circular Stockyards for Bulk Material Handling

Just fill in our. Its height above the top of the pile is kept at a minimum distance to reduce dust emission. Dusting is also minimized here as BRI requires no open hoppers.

The most economical automated storage facility using a Stacker Reclaimer System in outdoor applications. This Circular Stockyard is used mostly in the Pulp and Paper Industry or in the Power Generation Industry since it optimizes the storage volume on a low surface Stockyard.

Please wait reclaiimer message is being sent. Longitudinal stockpile arrangement reclaimet Dusting is minimized by fully controlling the material through discharge. Circular Stacmer Scrapers are used for handling many types of Bulk Material such as fertilizers, coal, sulphur. If blending is necessary, the Chevron method or Chevcon for circular storages is the preferred choice, as it does not require slewing gear in the stacker.


The stacker is chosen based on the stockpile layout, the material properties and the required stacking method.

Circular stockpile & blending bed: storage space outside & inside | BEUMER Group

For larger storage capacities, AMECO can install a product retaining wall at the outskirts of the pile. Your Customer Support contact. By continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of cookies. Please wait while message is being sent. If no blending reclaiker required, the simplest stacking method Coneshell will be chosen.

The stacking method depends firstly on the required blending ratio. We will be happy to assist you! A Circular Blending Bed Stacker Reclaimer is used to conveniently store bulk materials in an outside or sstacker pile in a highly organized manner, for automated and fully blended reclaim. BEUMER will support you in discussing the advantages of longitudinal and circular storages and selecting the best combination of stackers and reclaimers for your task.