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1 Hour Quickstart Tutorial. Disclaimer. Citect Pty Ltd makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents or use of this manual and, to the. Vijeo Citect Quick-Start Tutorial Part 1 An introduction to the basics of Vijeo Citect This tutorial will guide you to build and run a project with Vijeo Citect V Download: Vijeo Citect V Quickstart Tutorial – Citect SCADA.

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You are now ready to run our project. Projects store all of the Vijeo Citect files for your project including graphic pages, tag definitions, code etc. Select Restore from quikc Tools menu, or click on the Restore icon.

Use the zoom box to see exactly where the objects are positioned to the nearest pixel. TIP When creating your own symbols and genies, if you place the anchor point in the center TIP of the object, it will allow the alignment tools to be more effective.

Vijeo Citect V Quickstart Tutorial | Schneider Electric

You ttorial select all your pump controls and relocate them on the page to make room for your new symbols. You will now animate the pipes to become green when the pump is running and grey when it is stopped. The tool tip will still work normally. Configure another new user called Bob, with an appropriate password. Fill in the details of your equipment as shown below.

Vijeo Citect Quick-Start Tutorial Part 1 | Ioana-Gabriela Căruțașu –

Create a new Project 15 3. Double-click the rectangle to access the rectangle properties form. Important Information People responsible for the application, implementation and use of this document must make sure that all necessary design considerations have been taken into account and that all laws, safety and performance requirements, regulations, codes, and applicable standards have been obeyed to their full extent.


Keep going until you are satisfied with the arrangement of the objects on your screen.

Vijeo Quickstart-Tutorial-V720

Pick a light shade of grey for the Lowlight, and click OK to close the pipe properties form. This means that a user with privilege level 6 does not automatically get access to level 5 functions.

Speed for its name, select Trend Tags from the drop-down menu for its type and click OK.

Definition of Terms 13 2. In the centre of the screen is an anchor point. If you find it at gutorial difficult to understand how an equipment works, you may find it easy to think of an equipment type as representing a class of equipment e.

This has modified our equipment, tag, alarm and trend definitions, but not the graphics configuration where we have used the tags. If you do not want a grey background for your buttons, it is suggested that you uncheck tuyorial option under the Appearances tab of your button objects. You must have administrative privileges to use this feature; otherwise, this option will not be disabled.

The following tag types can be added as an element to your items: You can create equipment instances, without any associated items, such as an area that TIP a group of equipment is located in. This can be very useful when one color range does not translate well to another.

Adjust the format and 3D shading to suit your preferences, then click OK.

Use the Browse button to identify the folder for the backup to be saved into. We need to update equipment for the changes to take effect. Select the Animated Symbol Set on the toolbar, and click anywhere on the page to place tuorial symbol. Try selecting a button and a light and aligning them vertically via the Centre selection before aligning all three lights evenly. Skip to main content. However, while you can configure many projects at the same time, you can only run one project quivk a time.


Vijeo Citect V7.20 Quickstart Tutorial

This layout can be customized to suit your own preferences. The tank should now be a 3D rendered red variation of the original grey object. The Tjtorial Project does this automatically for its default menu items. Check the Gradient Fill option and select bright green as the Gradient Color. The type or model of automation equipment suitable for each application will vary depending on factors such as the control function required, degree of protection required, production methods, unusual conditions and government regulations etc.

The Graphics Editor Toolbox popup contains quick links to all of the graphics objects that can cltect used on Vijeo Citect graphics pages. A new field will appear in the Items section below. It is very rare to experience problems restoring from a Vijeo Citect backup but the time taken to check is a tiny fraction compared to the time it would take to recreate the project from scratch.

Your Process Analyst view is now complete, but before you leave the page, click on the Save button. Select all three buttons by clicking on each of them, while holding the CTRL key down for the last two. The drop-down list contains all the equipment types configured in your project. Click on the Backup icon or select Backup from the Tools menu. Repeat this exercise for the lights to the right of the buttons. Vijeo Citect QuickStart Tutorial v7.