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One of Brooks’s big arguments in The Well Wrought Urn is that you can’t summarize (or paraphrase) a poem and retain its meaning. The poem says something. Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Cleanth ioned. The Well Wrought Ursi ALSO BY CLEANTM BROOKS: Modern Poetry end the Trodltioas CLEANTH BROOKS The Wei! Wrought Urn STUDIES IN THE.

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The hosts under Michael retort by throw- ing the celestial hills at the enemy; and the Almighty, to put a stop to the shameful rumpus, has the Son throw the trouble- makers out. But this is, if not to beg the question, at least to ask the question badly: If the reader objects that the last comment suggests a too obviously cleanrh interpretation of the card game, one must hasten to point out that a pervasive sexual symbolism informs, not only the description of the card game, but almost every- thing else in the poem, though here, again, our tradition of either-or may cause us to miss what Pope is doing.

But before one undertakes to defend the epitaph as poetry, it is better to make sure cleahth that we understand it— in itself, and in ccleanth relation to the rest of the poem. It reasserts the line of development which has been maintained throughout the earlier stanzas: He does not question her indignation, but he does suggest that it is, perhaps, a more complex response than Belinda realizes.

If Stanza VII patronizes the child. th

According to the first view, the child is an eye among the blind because his soul is filled with the divine; according to the second, because he is utterly nat- ural. And in this interpretation, the imagery is thoroughly sig- nificant.


One can summarize the answer already implied thus: Ambition, Grandeur, Flattery, Luxury, Pride. Or when rich China. The common-sense reader who distrusts the ingenious and wants clranth poetry to be explicit, declared, and forthright, may well ask why, if all this elaborate handling of the lighting is going on, Milton has to handle it so indirectly. In the first stanza the speaker was willing to say me: Copyright by Cieanth Brooks. The prevailing thhe of a game— a game played by good thee boys and by unmannerly little ruffians, a game presided over by the stem schoolmaster, haunts the whole epi- sode.

First, the stanza definitely insists that the human soul is not merely natural. Professor Tillyard has got much nearer the point in those of his comments which emphasize the element of tone: Whatever incidental fun Pope may have had with tlie epic con- ventions, his choice of the mock-epic fits beautifully his general The Case f Miss Arebelle Femar 95 problem of scaling down the rape to its proper insignificance.

The Well Wrought Urn

I sug- cleath that the implied comparison of the child to the sun or the moon is still active here, and tliat Wordsworth is leaning on his earlier figure more heavily than most of his critics have pointed out, or than, perhaps, he himself realized. Stanza III is dominated by sound: He may have to notice that eye is meta- phorical already for philosopker—thzt the two conjointly, then have a meaning that neither would have apart.

Reality and unreality, learning and forgetting, iron- ically change places.

The light was like a garment. The poem does not try to find the arought of a particular idea; it tries to juxtapose many, contradictory ideas together and reach a sort of resolution. The parallel between the sun and the developing child which we noticed in Stanza V is completed.


Moreover, stanza twenty-four grows out of the preceding stanza: The Cromwell example is, of course, the boldest item and makes most demand upon our acceptance. Presumably, Macbeth had entered upon his course from sheer personal ambition.

He must return to us the unity of the experience itself as man knows it in his own experience. The beauty portrayed brioks deathless because it is life- less. Her follies are so natural, or so artful, that tliey become her. There is a sense, of course, in which every man is caught be- tween them. The Well Wrought Urn: Perhaps this is to overload an cleabth innocent phrase.

We have to read it in terms of the conditions for a certain dramatic propriety which the context sets up. There is a further point that comes out of our examination: Dissolve me into extasies.

Thalestris, in inciting Belinda to take action against the Baron, cries: The poet does in a sense enter into the scene; certainly he is trying very hard to enter into it. The observation becomes ironical only in terms of what is to occur later.

Full text of “The Well Wrought Urn Cleanth Brooks”

But it is important to see how much license the poem requires, and the terms on which the reader decides to accord it justification. For this reason, the difficult modems are often represented as untraditional and generally irresponsible.

To ern his Cream-bowle duly set.

teh True, the latter meaning is uppermost: Printed in Great Britain by A. It may be a mountain town, or a river town, or a tiny seaport.