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Confessions of a Nanny by Melissa (4 outtakes). * Cooking With Fire by In love with a Crooked ( kB – downloaded Summary: Bella Swan accepts a job as a nanny for single father, Dr. Living under the same roof and Bella’s seduction plans, leads these two into a whirlwind of. Do you know of any fics that feature Edward or Bella as a Nanny? Share with us! Confessions of a Nanny by Melissa Bella Swan accepts.

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Confessions of a Nanny

Cullen is the pharmacist there to greet her. How will they deal when they discover one pair got married and despise one another? House of Hope by rbsschess reviews Bella is a 27 year old widow whose late husband has given her a task to help her live and hopefully find love again. Retail Therapy by ,elissa228 reviews Bella is successful and strong and has everything she fonfessions she wants in life.

Want to Read saving…. Edward is the Head Master at her school and he is who she wants.

– The Nanny Fic List

Add a Comment 10 Fanfiction. And there has confezsions a hot tub. Brothers and Sisters by edwardandbellabelong2gether reviews Bella is a troubled girl. Lies can pull them apart.

Too bad the new confessioms teacher is out of her league for reasons more than one. Texts From Last Night by EverythingIDo reviews Reunited for the first time since college for the week of Alice and Jasper’s destination wedding, Bella and Edward are single at the same time for the first time. What happens when Mr. Four years later, their worlds are forced together once again, and Edward’s got one thing in mind. The Tutor by ItzMegan73 reviews New student Bella Swan needs to break out of her shy exterior and her guidance counselor has the answer: Edward finds himself stumbling down a dark path trying to understand her.


Can they find their own voice through true love? Alice 27; Fashion Designer. Can she make up for a lonely, unhappy life in the short time she has left M for language, sexuality, and some xonfessions drinking. Can Bella accept Edward’s attention? This is their story. But their training is not what she thought it would be. Emmett and Jasper take Edward to celebrate his divorce from Tanya. What will happen when Bella follows her heart and not her hormones?

Joinedid: Angsty read with AH cast and perhaps Edward in a kilt.

FanFiction Addiction – Confessions of a Nanny by Melissa Summary

How can they piece together a life they all want? She has resigned herself to the fact she will grow old, with many cats. A Tattward and Bella story. Freshman year of college I fell in love with him.

You just compiled them. Bella and Edward discover they have more in common than they ever dreamed of. Besides trying to win the Sprint Cup, Edward finds himself racing for Bella’s heart.

She is left with serious injuries, and the aa thing keeping her from dying is the person who hit her.

Therefore it is only natural that my first real post is in this category. When Bella is in town finalizing her wedding plans she meets one of the men on her “Top 5.


Jessica Cullen reviews Bella Swan has a dirty little secret, Edward reads word porn like an addict. Masquerade by twilightheaded23 reviews Edward and Bella have perfected charades of normalcy for the sake of protecting themselves. Will there be love? You’re Not Sorry by edwardandbellabelong2gether reviews Back by popular demand! Bella is determined to find out the mysteries of Edward Cullen but with what results?

Enjoy Twilight – Rated: I know we shouldn’t be here.

They have a brief, but intense encounter on Sp Brk in Miami. And what is Edward’s secret? Brown Study by littlesecret84 reviews Bella’s dreams have a way of coming true. Teenage Dirtbag by palewhite n icecold reviews Social status means everything when you’re in high school.

Lists with This Book.

Bella pays Edward to belong to her for 2 conffessions so she can study him. Will he be able to save her when the past catches up with her? Now, he’s back, and I’ve agreed to be his co-star in a new Broadway play.

They may get more than they bargined for. Manic by Savannah-Vee reviews Edward moves to Forks after his mom is unfit to look after him anymore. Worlds apart and yet so similar. When Bella Swan finally breaks nany of her isolation by getting a weekend job in a bakery and serves the broken man, they unexpectedly form a taboo yet beautiful relationship.