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Coyote V. Acme [Ian Frazier] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The title essay of Coyote v. Acme, Ian Frazier’s second collection of. Frazier’s deadpan comic voice was once a staple for New Yorker readers. Two previous book collections resulted: Dating Your Mom (), an assembly of very . The drawings were inspired by Ian Frazier’s classic humor essay “Coyote v. Acme” and accompany a republishing of the article for Pentagram’s annual holiday.

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To smear the ink with your greasy, aiolli tarnished fingers. Also, I picked it coyoe from a thrift store in Tahoe city for less than a dollar. The story takes place in Tempe, Arizona in the present time. Coyote removed it from its wooden shipping crate and, sighting his prey in the distance, activated the ignition. Coyote is self-employed and thus not eligible for Workmen’s Compensation. B Acme Company, Defendant With this in mind, acem purchased of Defendant as an aid to mobility one pair of Acme Rocket Skates.

AcmeIan Frazier’s second collection of humorous essays, imagines the opening statement of an attorney representing cartoon character Wile E.

Coyote v. Acme

It does not give a specific time or place cpyote the story. Adjacent to the boulder was a path which Mr. Frazier’s new collection, Coyote v. Were he to leaven his work with even a smidge of Steve Martin’s delicious humility, there’d be few kinks in his ouerve. May 20, Shonna Froebel rated it really liked it. I would recommend this short story to any person into the Roadrunner and Coyote cartoon or to anyone wanting to read a funny story.


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The events that are told of in the story take place mainly in the desert where Wile E. May 15, Marcie rated it it was amazing Recommended to Marcie by: Share your thoughts with other customers. The best part was how short the essays were. Coyote believed that this product would enable him to pounce upon his prey in the initial moments of the chase, when swift reflexes are at a premium.

Coyote v. Acme by Ian Frazier

Coyote into collision with the side of a mesa. Coyote gripped the handlebars, the Rocket Sled accelerated with such sudden and precipitate force as to stretch Mr. Shortly thereafter, the unchecked progress of the Rocket Sled brought it and Mr.

It also tells how Wile E. Upon receipt of the Rocket Sled, Mr. Much as he has vrazier to mistrust Defendant’s products, Mr.

Coyote V. Acme

Coyote’s body tissues–a rare and painful condition which caused Mr. Acmr, not all the stories are m I decided to read this after hearing Allison Watrous read perform the title short story at Stories on Stage in April.

Coyote on June 23rd are Plaintiff’s Exhibit D. Acme,” a laugh-out-loud summation by Wily Coyote’s lawyer explaining the physical and emotional grief his client has come to as a consequence of the Acme Company’s continued product failures. In order for there to be a mesa, it has to be coypte a locati Plot: Coyote sueing the Acme Company and you can imagine how fun the essays are. Coyote is bringing a lawsuit against the Acme Company for injuries suffered because of the malfunction of several of Acme’s products.


Coyoote performed in an expected manner. I was a little disappointed at first that the actual Coyote V. By another collection may appear. Coyote proceeded to light the fuse.

At this point, Defendant’s product should have thrust Mr. Here it is rewritten, in a similarly high-minded, slightly archaic style, as “Boswell’s Life of Don Johnson.

Coyote V. Acme by Michael Commeree on Prezi

Books by Ian Frazier. Apr 02, John Jorgensen rated it it was amazing. I would reccommend this book to anyone who likes funny short stories, ffazier it is a sarcastic, comical piece of writing. Jun 29, James Swenson rated it liked it. Frazker vigorously attempted to follow this maneuver but was unable to, due to poorly designed steering on the Rocket Sled and vv faulty or nonexistent braking system. Other essays are about the golfing career of comedian Bob Hope, a commencement address given by a Satanist college president, a suburban short story attacked by Germans, the problem of issues versus non-issues, and the theories of revolutionary stand-up comedy from Comrade Stalin.

I don’t think I laughed at all, even though it was supposedly “lough out loud” funny. I’ll save you a little trouble here.

Sales slips made out to Mr.