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ToDisk(leDocFormat, fileName); since you have the file location you can attach that to a Email. by CoolDadTx Moderator Wednesday, July 13, PM CR related ( From:Visual C# General) ExportFormatType = CrystalDecisions. I also don’t like to use CR Toolbar. Here is my code fro converting and printing CR: //ToHttpResponse(ExportFormatType.

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For more details about designing and populating Crystal Report, please refer the following article. And here I found your article. Nightfirecat 9, 6 30 All exportforrmattype reports are built in either Crystal 8. ExportFormatType formatTypeSystem. I didn’t get any chance to verify your code, sorry about that. Please refer Privacy Policy for more details. Have you encountered this problem, and if so, do you have a work around?

Exporting from Crystal Reports to PDF, Word, Excel and HTML

Hi, Can you the solution, please email me hongclub hotmail. Change it to anonymous. I found it more informative and helpful for me. Your question is to open it in new window that’s what I gave above is that working or not?


By default it does not have any write rights. Yes, Window is opening from my local machine.

ReportDocument’ does not contain a definition for ‘DestinationOptions’ and no extension method ‘DestinationOptions’ accepting a first exporgformattype of type ‘CrystalDecisions. I found a work around in displaying the images when exporting to html. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. For some reason the latest minor patch mix solved much of the problem.

Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post. Hi all, i got an error exporttormattype exporting crystal report to pdf file Error detected by export.

Delete fname how to i want to carry parameter value. When answering a question please: Have you checked it out? Here is the code.

I am using Crystal ver exportvormattype. You use hard coded values to set the type, I use the. May 22, This snippet demonstrates the workaround:. The code samples and API available at www.


These post were my last attempts to try to keep it rolling…. This Option found at the top left corner of the Report. I want to export them dynamically in the code.

Export Crystal Report To PDF,RTF,DOC files–> please help me | The Forums

crr These all reside under the namespace CrystalDecisions. Inside the Page Load event, the Crystal Report is populated from database. WordForWindows, Response, true, Page. You can download it from here. Could not find file “C: Private crystalReport As ReportDocument. What our readers say. My story is based on ASP. Another program may be using it.

How to set export options when using ExportToStream() in CR for VS ?

Hi, does the asp. This parameter is explained in detail below. Top Rated Most Recent. Export Crystal Report into pdf format and open a popup window May 20,