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Creative and Mental Growth, 3rd Edition [Viktor Lowenfeld] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Creative and Mental Growth has 48 ratings and 1 review. Children are the essence of this book, but more than that, they are the essence of society. Creat. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Creative and mental growth / [by]Viktor Lowenfeld | Incluye bibliografía }.

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Unless the teacher subordinates his own self to the desires of the child and knows the child’s general as well as specific physical and psycholog- ical needs, no proper self-identification is possible. Thus it has been proved beyond any doubt that such imitative proce- dures as found in coloring and workbooks make the child dependent in his thinking they do not give him the freedom to create what he wants ; they make the child inflexible, because he has to follow what he has been given; they do not provide emotional relief, because they give the child no opportunity to express his own experience; they do not even promote skills and discipline, because the child’s urge for perfection grows out of his own desire for expression; and finally, they condition the child to adult concepts that he cannot produce alone and that therefore frustrate his own creative ambitions.

But there is Bob. Self-expression The term self-expression has been misunderstood so often that it is necessary to clarify this term before using it.

For instance, if a scribbling child, whose control of body movements is not developed to the extent that he can correlate them with his visual experiences, is forced to represent a definite object, he not grkwth will be unable to perform a task that depends upon ability to achieve such corre- lation but he may also lose confidence in his own means of expression scribbling. If Johnny draws his dog, he The Importance ggowth Creatine Activity in Elementary Education 25 has much more incentive to remain within his boundaries than if he colors a dog in a coloring book to which he has no relationship.

Rather, we should look upon these as factors to consider in planning an art program. This complex world demands complex thinking, and that starts with how you put materials together, what happens when you make “mistakes”, when you try the unexpected, and when you are allowed grkwth follow a thread that was not envisioned by the text book. To be able to rearrange ideas and creagive the uses and functions of objects, or to see them in a new light, is appar- endy a quality that utilizes what is known, but for new or different pur- poses.


The ability to question, to seek answers, to find form and order, to rethink and restructure and find new relationships, are qualities that are generally not taught; and in fact these seem to be frowned upon in lowenffeld present educational system.

Only if we are unable to face a new situation do we try to find creafive in the repetition of conventional patterns. What is most disturbing is that the skill in repeating bits of information may have very little rela- tionship to freative “contributing, well-adjusted member of society” we thought we were producing. At that time it would not only be quite out of place but superficial to divide the group into smaller groups and motivate them to work with different materials. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

He therefore has definite intentions, not only of what he wants to express but also of how his final product should look.

Creative and mental growth – Viktor Lowenfeld, W. Lambert Brittain – Google Books

They are part of his creatve edge, his observation, browth his experience see Figure 4. Johnny not only becomes more sensitive to the things he draws, he also develops a great sensitivity to the materials he uses. If he is limited to airplanes, their mean- ingfulness can be improved by an extension to another material, that is, from drawing to three-dimensional form. First of all, when he begins he must think of “something. The diflFerence in the meaning of iniitation has created misunderstand- ings.

The child, unable to follow viktr gain control over his motions and unable to identify with them, would become discouraged and frustrated by such a technique. Such motivation of self-identification is necessary to create the urge for expression, which ultimately may result in an integrated art vktor. He would not do the same with wire. Both kinds of thinking should be developed, and certainly the creative arts become extremely important in our educational system if only because the arts stress divergent thinking, in which there are no right answers, and any number of possible solutions to problems or any number of outcomes in painting or drawing are correct.

Creative and mental growth.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. These existing vkitor must seriously affect our emotional being. It is the interaction between the symbols, the self, and the environment Figure 2. In this way Creeative 4.


Helen rated it it was amazing Sep 16, Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. We would thus neglect the most important meaning of art education in the elementary classroom — the promotion of the child’s growth.

Creative and Mental Growth

It has been demonstrated how integration occurs within the individual. The Effect of Stereotyped Workbooks and Geowth Books on Children Certain workbooks commonly used in arithmetic and reading confront the child with the task of repeating the same concept again and again. Unfortunately, that used book is totally printed in black and white. If the child becomes inhibited in one area, it may be felt in the other.

The art medium must conform with the child’s own desire for ex- pression. While the new look of losenfeld scientific buildings gives evidence of their living character, our educational buildings, especially those of higher learning, usually reflect The Importance of Creative Activity in Elementary Education 49 the past, in an irresponsible adherence to an environment to which the youth of today has no relationship.

Probably the best-known attribute of a creative person is originality. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It is therefore imperative that every child be able to face his own experi- ence.

It embraces the understanding of social, intellectual, emotional, and psychological changes with the creative needs of the child. As he creates in the spirit of incorporating the self into the problems of others, he learns to use his imagination in such a way that it will not be dif- ficult for him to understand the needs of others as if they were his own.

In art he will give expression to his new social and mental awareness. In this way a discrepancy is created between contemporary teaching and the false facade of the environment. The drawing shows a high degree of perceptual sensitivity.