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This reel, “Da Slockit Light,” was composed by the renown Shetland fiddler Tom Anderson (), who composed over three hundred. Tom Anderson () was the Shetland Islands most influential fiddle composer and this is his most famous tune. In Cape Breton, Da. And for historical interest, handwritten scores, possibly by Tom Anderson himself: Slockit-light-1 Slockit-light Melody Harmony. Link (Midi or.

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So, “the extinguished light” has another meaning. Da Slockit Light http: Their family band www.

da Slockit Light

As I watched, the lights started going out one by one. I always thought it was a lighthouse, but found out a “Slockit” light is a “broken” one. One source claims it is the glowing tip at the end of an extinguished candle. Then, as he stood there, the lights started to go out one by one. As you can imagine, “The Slockit Light”, and the meaning, a light extinguished or turned out, it has also featured at funerals. Here is the abc transcription by Mary Lou Knack with added chords: Different from the harmony we usually play in Scots Music Group: By the way, there are a few Tom Anderson tune books around, but they are pretty hard to come by these days.

Here are the three I know are out there somewhere: Again, sorry for the ignorance. That very esoteric point did occur to me as I was writing it, Donald.


da Slockit Light – North Atlantic Tune List

He began composing in and continued to do so almost until the day he died. A year later when he died suddenly at the age of 48 his son remembered this and it was played on Uillean pipes during the service. John, I expect Jeremy has seriously considered this, but there may be deep technical difficulties to do with the structure of the database slockkt it has not happened yet.

As he was leaving he looked back at the top of the hill leading out of the district and he saw so few lights compared to what he remembered from his youth.

It was after 11pm and with maybe a quarter-moon it was a rather dark night. She provided background on the tune, as have others, and the story runs as follows:. I have never ever thought about the fact that there is no synonymous word in Standard English.

But we can see how good Da Slockit Light is and how it inspired slockut

JC is John Chambers, a multitalented musician from the Boston area. For the technically minded the interval between the melody and harmony notes is an augmented fifth! Ed Pearlman has performed, taught, and promoted fiddle slockot, particularly that of Scotland and Cape Breton for over 30 years. Old age leads to loss of nous.

He tours often as a duo with his son Neil, an accomplished professional pianist who seamlessly melds Scottish traditional tunes with Latin, funk, and jazz info on Ed and Neil as a duo. It seems ridiculous that they are listed in other categories e. Augmented fifth – a bit strange. Membership is free, and it only takes a moment to sign up. A Shetland tune that was a favourite lighh the concertina player and singer Alan Cormack of Bristol UKa well-known musician in local sessions and bands, who died recently at the age of This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.


Pam with Tom produced another excellent little volume of music from the Shetlands, also highly recommended: Another way to look at it is that the va of D is A. He toldusthat when Tom Anderson died this tune was played at his funeral and now if you play this tune in the Shetland Islands people stand.

Da Slockit Light

The tune is played regularly in Bristol sessions. Oh yes, relevance elsewhere where talent and inspiration and heart are concerned: Slocoit you augment the fifth it becomes A. Tom Anderson wrote the tune in Shetland, partly to honour his late wife. Da Slockit Light, Reel in D. This tune is sometimes thought to be his best-known, and it is often played very slowly to reflect the sort of melancholy nostalgia with which it was composed.