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Menzoberranzan is a role-playing video game created by Strategic Simulations (SSI) and . “A History of D&D Video Games – Part III”. Game Spy. Retrieved. I’d highly recommend that you purchase or borrow Out of the Abyss, since it is the only source of information about Menzoberranzan in 5th. As resource guides Im using the Menzoberranzan 2e boxed set, (Ive updated it to DR) and Menzoberranzan, City of Intrigue for 4e, (which.

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Tabletop Review: Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue (Dungeons & Dragons)

My campaign focuses much more on Sshamath and the interplay between the weakened but still kind-of-necessary Church of Lolth and the incredibly powerful arcane universities.

Ed GreenwoodSalvatore, and Douglas Niles collaborated to release a three-book box set in December called Menzoberranzan: It gives lots of great advice on what it means not only to be an evil aligned PC, but an evil aligned party and even an evil aligned city. City of Spiders This fourth chapter is twenty-one pages long and is the second longest in the book.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Running a 5e campaign, I know a lot has changed about Menzo.

Retrieved from ” https: He has worked in video game journalism since and is also a paid consultant for Konami and The Pokemon Company. Within the last century, this pattern seems to have accelerated.

The Menzoberranzan setting has been developed into a computer game of the same namea server on the popular game Neverwinter Nights [ citation needed ]and used as gaming supplement.

You are given an overview on the Goddess Lolth, a look at why spiders are the chosen animal of the Drow, the code of ethics and laws their society is governed by, why the society is a matriarchy, and finally aspects like language, currency, and what the Drow do when they are killing, enslaving and backstabbing.

Noble drow were able to use levitation and had items to add additional uses of this daily power. If I might add to it from even earlier sources: Arach-Tinilith is similar to Tier Breche, but it is the school for the Priestesses of Lolth as opposed to a general school.

The more interesting bits of the chapter are the six organizations that also appear in the chapter.

Menzoberranzan in 5e

Tier Brechethe famed academy of the dark elves, sits on a high plateau at the western end of the city, protected by guardians and fell magics, the Academy consist of three structures, Arach-Tinilith The School of Lolth Sorcere The School of Wizards and Melee Magthere The School of Fighters. Foreseeing her temporary loss of power due to the Time of Troubles, Lolth had asked the msnzoberranzan Errtu to protect her worshippers, should she herself fail to do it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: For the video game, see Menzoberranzan video game. With that kind of contrast being obvious, how those power struggles occur can mfnzoberranzan kind of obvious too. Allow the players to weave their own plots into the story – for example, I’m not providing a specific way in which players can kill a certain NPC. The first few pages show you how to make a new house for your campaign or if player characters want one not in the book.

My campaign is taking us to Menzoberranzan, but I don’t really know how to describe it, or shops, or houses there. I have used Drow before though I’ve never done Menzoberranzan specifically, and am making them part of an adventure module in a campaign I’m writing. There are lots of physical descriptions. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: The first two books cover the history of the fictional setting, while the final book serves as an adventure module.

It is here that students will undergo the graduation ceremony, often involving demon summoning and sexual orgies between the new clerics and male wizards or fighters, reinforcing the subservient role of drow males. The matron of House Oblodra nearly reached her goal, but an avatar of Lolth answered Matron Baenre’s pleas for help and came to Menzoberranzan after the Time of Troubles had ended.

In the tenth and final year, fighters will spend their first six months in Sorcere studying magic, and the final six months within Arach-Tinilith learning the precepts of Lolth- most importantly, the inferiority of males in her eyes.

You can easily purchase well-trained slaves, fungi, molds and exotic creatures for food even ones imported from the surfacepoisons, potions, oils and elixirs, jewelry, perfumes and silk. All in all, if you even remotely interested in the Drow as a race, Menzoberranzan: This fourth chapter is twenty-one pages long and is the second longest in the book.

For strict 5E material, you should stick to Momonga-sama’s answer. Mind Flayers have their own society, no need to coexist with goblins.

Chaotic evil I take to mean being totally unscrupulous, willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top. Menzoberranzan was founded by a priestess of Lolth named Menzoberra the Kinless.

Menzoberranzan – Wikipedia

City of Intrigue supplement may be hard to get a physical copybut PDF is also available. Submit a new text post.


As such, this makes this the one and only real disappointment I had with the book. Try to make the players aware that knowledge of plots and of certain characters can be powerful and useful, and that the way menzoberrajzan which they operate can and WILL affect their standing in the city.

It was the book series that got me into DnD in fact. Ignore alignment for the moment – most Drow nobles and “self-employed” aka menzoberranzwn will do what they need, when they need to in order to survive. If your adventure is taking place there, it would help you a lot.

dnd 5e – What does Menzoberranzan look like? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

Students’ length of education is dependent on their sex and occupation. This band of societal malcontents consists of approximately members though at times known to employ many more, having nearly one thousand agents at work with the Calimport initiativemainly houseless males. Ironically, Drow society NEEDS more laws to operate because they are so pragmatic and unscrupulous, so make some situations in which the consequences for being caught are dire their ally knowingly says to their face that they’ll be sold outbut also in which the players are actively encouraged to break the rules.

City of Intrigue tries exceptionally hard to be edition-free. Also note our banned subjects list. This third chapter is the longest in the book, taking up roughly sixty pages, or a hair under half the book. Campaign of Intrigue This chapter is pretty much for the DM to help set both the tone and theme of his Menzoberranzan campaign. By the time the Time of Troubles had passed, Lolth was restored to full power and single-handedly crushed House Oblodra, the remains of their stronghold being pushed into a deep chasm known as the Clawrift, and Matron Oblodra’s spirit went to Errtu for eternal torment.

This racist propaganda provides a ‘safety valve’- extra aggression can be turned on the surface folk, rather than completely on the Drowish hierarchy. This battle led to the exile of House Nasadra which later founded the city of Ched Nasadand was the First House until the city’s recent destruction and to the rise of House Baenre as the First House of Menzoberranzan. Here’s the rub, though.