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The Funhouse has ratings and reviews. Watchers by Dean Koontz Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz Intensity by Dean Koontz Lightning by Dean. Written by: Vitina Molgaard “The Funhouse, I think, is better than that. It’s fun. It has something to say. The background is not least. Title: The Funhouse Author(s): Dean R Koontz ISBN: / (USA edition) Publisher: Availability: Amazon Amazon UK Amazon CA.

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View all 3 comments. Will they ever learn the words of advice May had for them and discover who took the ddean Now fast-forward 27 years and meet our focal characters. On the plus side, I had fun reading this. It’s a wonderful page-turner. I can take the next thing that comes along. Then later we see him through tbe eyes of Straker, who although possibly mentally ill, has much affection for Victor and sees him as a sweet, loving child with physical deformities.

Funhpuse murdered that infant who was, at only a few months tye, already able to sit up and fight back – it takes her a lot of effort to finally kill it and was beaten to a pulp by Conrad, who planned to kill her as punishment for murdering the son he loved.

Buckle your seatbelts, you’re in for a very bumpy ride Sign up for Dean’s free newsletter and for news, previews, and more! He knows that the killer is the man the police have named the Butcher – the slayer of nine young women.

Their mother’s days are regulated by religious obsession, and nights by the bottle and drunken confessions. I love carnivals; the creepier and sleazier, the better – and thought this was right up my alley.


Only her love for her child, and the support of the one man who believes her, gives her the chance to survive the Servants of Twilight It’s more like Hooper and funhose.

Views Read Edit View history. This is actually a novelization I often hear about the cliche of creepy carnivals. Mar 06, Alex rated it liked it. It became very good vs evil, God vs.

The Funhouse By Dean Koontz. Ellen soon found out that Conrad was no longer a charmer and started to physically abuse her. Goodreads Horror Week I thought this was an ok book. Despite her mother’s pleas, Ellen runs away with the deann and marries Conrad.

The Funhouse

One thing that really made The Funhouse work was the char The carnival is always a unique, exciting setting for any horror novel. Kids can be rebellious and the circus is in town, which makes for a great escape for a child, or does it. Twelve years later Susan wakes in funhiuse hospital bed. Koontz delivers his usual blend of koobtz and action that keeps those pages turning”This is an intriguing tale, a mystery and a romance but shot through with an underlying psychological horror and also a political undertone, too”As always, so, so readable, and so, so well written’.

The Funhouse by Owen West

The atmosphere is a bit hard to explain. The story we were promised sounds like it would be good: Another big change involves Amy’s brother, Joey. That would be a negative star.

Or did Amy and Joey escape, proving that good does defeat evil? Koontz for showing me what was out there.

The Funhouse (novel) – Wikipedia

Some people have even believed that Hooper’s film was indeed based on this Koontz novel a myth not helped by the fact that a delay in the film’s production caused the book to be released much earlierbecause it goes above and beyond the usual “oh the novelization has some stuff that’s not in the movie” thing. I love the carnival theme set to this book. What readers are saying about The Servants of Twilight: The time has come for Amy and Joey to pay for her sins….


The Key to Midnight is a page-turning thriller from Dean Koontz that delves into the darkest of dreams.

Sep 09, Circa rated it did not like it Shelves: I thought that because Ghe enjoyed his older books like The Watchers, that I would enjoy this one. Well, the movie was bad BUT the book was good, real That night, Amy, Liz, and their dates, Buzz and Ritchie, descend on the carnival. You’ll have to read this little gem of a horror story to find out Urban Legend’s first sequel wasn’t well-loved – but they had the right idea.

To the Servants of Twilight, however, he is an evil presence who must be destroyed – an Anti-Christ who must die.

But, it’s mighty unfortunate that I’ve actually read better books demonstrating better goreXploration. The Funhouse is a hypnotic, enthralling funuouse from beginning to end and it was difficult to put down for such mundane activities a A scary ride through a terrifying psych With a new afterword by the author The storyline is intriguing and the plot is very easy to follow.