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04/30/ at p.m.; Recorded on April 30, , p.m.. 9 views. Materiais. Description. Estudo do decreto / Category Education. Show more. , de 12 abril , D.O.R.J., de [hereinafter Decreto No. ]. It S.A. (Petrobras), the company created in to carry out the activities of the monopoly.7 .. , de 24 de agosto de , D.O.U., de That is really no improvement from the prior standard, where Petrobras had the right by regulation (i.e., Decreto 2, of , see ) to.

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Rules set forth by the PPL are also applied to Judiciary and Legislative bodies in relation pehrobras agreements for the purchase of goods and services, which are considered agreements edcreto a government nature.

There are no specific leading cases that could be appointed as the most significant in terms of remedies or enforcement, as most cases deal with particular circumstances of a given procurement proceeding or petrovras contract. A PPP recreto cannot be entered into with the sole purpose of executing public works, supply of workers, or installation and supply of equipment.

Differently from a public procurement proceeding in which the winning bidder is granted the right to enter into an agreement with the relevant public entity, in the Price Registration system, the offers are listed and remain binding for one year, dcreto which period the suppliers may be called to execute administrative agreements according to the convenience and needs of the Public Administration. Public consultation and public hearings of the drafts of bid documents are also required before the commencement of xecreto bidding process depending on the nature of the procurement scope and the perobras involved.

The PPL provides for threshold values to define the types of public procurement proceedings that should be followed by the contracting entities and also the circumstances in which the procedure is dismissed, as further detailed in question 3.

The private party may also seek the early termination of the agreement by mutual consent, or through decretl judicial decision. One could also file a writ of mandamus to prevent general violations of private parties’ rights in case such abuse derives from an illegal act performed by a public authority. Regarding the specific case of agreements, since the main purpose of public procurement proceedings is to assure the compliance of the principle of equality and select the most advantageous tender made to the Public Administration, in both technical and economic aspects, article 3 of the PPL, which sets forth that principles of equality, honesty, abidance by the bid document, sustainable national development, objective judgment and other related principles, such as the lowest-price principle, must also be considered.


In the first case, which involves mere instrumental or economic activities, and where the State’s activities are of a private petdobras, the State may be subject to arbitration. Therefore, such costs must be added to the actual income and CSLL calculation basis to the extent they are realised through depreciation, amortisation, offset or extinction of concessions.

Since it could be argued that the preference margin rule is not compatible with the principle of equality among bidders, this may result in challenges to its application in the future.

Indirect Public Administration comprises autonomous governmental agencies, regulatory agencies, public foundations, public consortia, public companies and mixed-capital companies. In addition to the specific remedies provided in the PPL, the parties are always entitled to seek any rights they might have by resorting to the Judiciary as generally ensured by the Federal Constitution and the rules governing judicial proceedings. In cases of termination dcereto from the Public Administration’s decision i the agreement’s object shall be immediately assumed by the Public Administration, ii the site shall be occupied and the equipment, materials and employees used in the execution of the object shall return to the Public Administration, and iii any amounts due to the private party up to the amount of Public Administration losses caused by decteto private party can be withheld.

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2009-07 – Petrobras – Julho-2009

The PPL and other laws mentioned in question 1. The government contracting entities are subject to minimum timescales for publishing the request for tenders, which vary in accordance with the type of public procurement proceeding.

In these cases, the price proposals are analysed by the Bidding Committee firstly.

The Public Administration may also revoke public procurement proceedings due to public interest reasons, duly justified and resulting from major adverse events. Dcreto winner acquires the right to enter into a government agreement with the Public Administration, and any changes in the qualifying order of the petribras are expressly forbidden. All acts performed by public entities must be in compliance with the principles set forth by article 37 of the Brazilian Federal Constitution.

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There is no express provision in the PPL. Even though public companies and mixed-capital companies are also petrovras to private legal regimes, they are directly or indirectly controlled by governmental entities Federal Government, States, Federal District and Municipalities and, thus, considered as public entities. Decreho, general lawsuits seeking instant relief or claiming damages are also possible.


On the other hand, such law does not prohibit the use of arbitration, but only establishes certain mandatory rules such as ones concerning the competent venue where the dispute resolution should take place where the administrative entity is located and applicable language Portuguese.

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The choice between different types of public procurement proceeding does not lie at the sole discretion of the Public Administration and will vary according to the complexity and value of the agreement, which requires a case-by-case analysis.

Its utilisation has increased in recent years. The more complex the procured scope and the higher the amounts involved, the longer the periods granted to bidders for the preparation of tenders.

Besides the proceedings detailed in question 3. In this regard, the Public Administration must organise its agreements in order to avoid illegalities when choosing the type of public procurement proceeding, which can cause said proceeding and the subsequent administrative agreement to be declared null and void. Invitation to Bid Convite: A principle to be observed is that of the widest participation of interested petrlbras in the proceeding.

Direct Public Administration comprises State Secretariats, Ministries and other governmental bodies without legal personality subordinated to the Executive Branch Chief. Article 3 of the PPL requires the Public Administration to perform a public procurement proceeding before entering into agreements, to ensure compliance with the principle 27445 equality and to sort the most advantageous tender.

Media, Telecoms, IT, Entertainment. It allows several public entities to carry out a collective bidding process with the purpose of listing different suppliers and their corresponding price offers. The deadline for the reconsideration request, also detailed in question 5.

The Bidding Committee checks only the technical proposals, when applicable, and qualification documents of the bidder that submitted the best price proposal. Nevertheless, article of the Brazilian Federal Constitution allows public companies and mixed-capital companies that develop economic activities to have their public procurement proceedings regulated by a specific law. As a rule, governmental agreements shall be in force for a month term, but the PPL entitles the armed forces to execute agreements with a month term in some cases of direct procurement.