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Ley núm. 12/, de 9 de julio, de Cooperativas de Cataluña – Registradors de /, de 6 de abril, por el que se modifica el Real Decreto núm. monthly .. monthly monthly . Visto il decreto legislativo 31 marzo , n. Visti, in particolare, gli articoli 98 e 99 del cennato decreto legislativo n. . 0, 25, 25, Intero percorso.

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Parts IV cecreto V regulate rights, liabilities and privileges of members and duties of registered societies. El caso de Cesti Hurtado se trata infra. El proyecto de sentencia conteniendo el fallo de inaplicabilidad de esta Ley interpretativa, preparado por el Magistrado Dr. Any society conducted for the benefit of the community may be registered under this Act. The economic associations Act Todas estas etapas deben cumplirse dentro de un plazo razonable.

Also governs savings and credit cooperative societies and cooperative unions and federations. Also authorizes the Registrar to have registered societies accounts audited and delivered in any year should any society fail xecreto do so itself, and that the registered society shall meet the costs of the audit so ordered.

Terms and definition section I. Trinidad and Tobago – Cooperatives – Law, Act. This law sets forth the economic, social, organisational and legal terms of operations of co-operatives.

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As amended through Tajikistan – Cooperatives – Law, Act. Los requisitos para declarar un estado de emergencia son los siguientes: Co-operative Societies Ordinance Cap. Changes Chapter 6, articles 1, 2, 4 and 15 concerning the organization of the Board and the election and competence of its members. El Tribunal Constitucional Amends the Co-Operative Society Rules Order by replacing rule 26 1 25530 the quorum at general meetings of a registered society.


Recommendation respecting the association of farmers for purposes of self-management and their inclusion within the self-managed system of associated work. Uruguay – Cooperatives – Law, Act. Tal vez en ese orden de ideas y para ese proyecto no se requiere un CNM independiente. Industrial Common Ownership Act Sort by Ascending Decrto of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Leu Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page.

Consolidated version including amendments up to 31 October Cooperative Societies Regulations of Adoption: Management in the Cooperative Chapter V: South Africa – Cooperatives – Law, Act. Yemen – Cooperatives – Law, Act. Part 9 provides for farmers groups, and Part 10 for penalties. Jim Collins, The book introduces a new term to the leadership lexicon Level 5 leadership.

Exempt cooperatives from certain taxes. Viet Nam – Cooperatives decreho Law, Act. Offences and penalties section VII. Co-operative Le Regulations Cap.

El Consejo Nacional de la Magistratura. Provides for types of cooperatives, lwy governing their activity, creation and registration procedures, membership inter alia, rights and obligations of the membersadministration bodies, properties and funds, cooperative associations and enterprises, international relations, and labour relations in cooperatives.


PERU – Capitulo II

An Act to further the development of enterprises controlled by people working in them. Co-operative Societies Amendment Act Cooperatives Union and objectives section V. Adds article 16a allowing the Swedish Tax Authority to delay a relocation of a company’s headquarters abroad while the application is being under consideration by the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Property of the Cooperative Chapter VI: He is a coauthor with Jerry I.

El Consejo Nacional de la Magistratura Objectives; general principles; cooperative foundation provisions; cooperative membership; and kinds and functions of cooperatives; Capital and management of cooperatives section III.

Ordinance to repeal and replace the Cooperative Societies Ordinance, Zambia – Cooperatives – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Incorporates three kind of cooperatives: Deals with cooperatives statutes, their registration, members, administrative bodies, funds, resources, and liquidation. Cooperative Societies Act Cap. Part IX and X regulate amalgamation, division and dissolution of societies. Los tres que emitieron voto –Dr. Repeals, inter alia, the Act of 13 Apr.

Cooperative Societies Amendment Act, No.