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Viewable chess game Aron Nimzowitsch vs Adolf Albin, , with discussion forum and chess analysis features.

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Nimzowitsch is considered one of the most important players and writers in chess history. He escaped being drafted into one of the armies by feigning madness, insisting that a fly was on his head. Defensa Alekhine by koruma.

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Aron Nimzowitsch – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

Kmoch also wrote an article about his nine years with Nimzowitsch: My System Reprinted ed. Notable in his “system” were concepts such as overprotection of pieces and pawns under attack, control of the center by pieces instead of pawns, blockading of opposing pieces notably the passed pawns and prophylaxis. So Alekhine didn’t invent Alekhine’s defense. Since the exchange sac in the game looks unclear, why not play the simple Tarrasch’s rigid generalizations nomzowitsch on the earlier work of Wilhelm Steinitzand were upheld by Tarrasch’s sharp tongue when dismissing the opinions of doubters.

These openings all exemplify Nimzowitsch’s ideas about controlling the center with pieces instead of pawns. Bxf5 looks terrible for Black. Binshkeerfortt’s Favorite Games by binshkeerfortt. Surname is also in some documents written as N e mtsovich.

He always thought he was served much smaller portions than everyone else. The opening is a French, with an extra tempo for White.

El AS en la Manga nº 30 – Defensa Nimzowitsch

The annotations gleefully exaggerate the idea of overprotection, as well as asserting the true genius of the wondrous idea. There are many entertaining anecdotes regarding Nimzowitsch—some less savory than others.


No personal attacks against other members. Another game on this theme is his win over Paul Johner at Dresden Chess PiecesNimzowitsc in Chess,p. Retrieved from ” https: He then escaped to Berlin, and gave his first name as Arnold, possibly to avoid anti-Semitic persecution. Featured in the Following Game Collections [ what is this?

When in form, Nimzowitsch was very dangerous with the black pieces, scoring many fine wins over top players. Grandmaster GM Raymond Keene writes that Nimzowitsch “was one of the world’s leading grandmasters for a period extending over a quarter of a century, and for some of that time he was the obvious challenger for the world championship. Nimzowitsch had lengthy and somewhat bitter dogmatic conflicts with Tarrasch over whose ideas constituted ‘proper’ chess.

Please observe our posting guidelines: White’s position looks strong but I don’t see the immediate breakthrough. Kg6 followed by Nxe6 seems like an error. Black never got his pieces out.

This consisted of a mock game [15] against the fictional player “Systemsson”, supposedly played and annotated nimzowltsch Nimzowitsch himself. He was also vital in the development of two important systems defebsa the French Defencethe Winawer Variation in some places called the Nimzowitsch Variation; its moves are 1.

Many chess openings and variations are named after Nimzowitsch, the most famous being the Nimzo-Indian Defence 1. Perhaps most importantly, he formulated the terminology still in use for various complex chess strategies. Archived from the original on 10 July Exchange sacs – 3 by obrit. Born in Riga, a part of the Russian Empirethe Jewish Yiddish-speaking Nimzowitsch came from a wealthy family, where he learned chess from his father Shaya Abramovich NimtsovichPinsk —?

A popular, but probably apocryphal, story is that once when an opponent laid an unlit cigar on the table, he complained to the tournament arbiters, “He is threatening to smoke, and as an old player you must know that the threat is stronger than the execution. His paranoia was most evident when he dined in company. I once suggested that he and I order what the other actually wanted and, when the food was served, exchange plates. Inhe travelled to Berlin to study philosophybut set aside his studies soon and began a career as a professional chess player that same year.


Aron Nimzowitsch

While the greatest players of the time, among them AlekhineEmanuel Lasker and Defeneaclearly did not allow their play to be hobbled by blind adherence to general concepts that the center had to be controlled by pawnsthat development had to happen in support of this control, that rooks always belong on open files, that wing openings were unsound—core nizmowitsch of Tarrasch’s chess philosophy as popularly understood—beginners were taught to think of these generalizations as unalterable principles.

Nimzovich suffered from the delusion that he was unappreciated and that the reason was malice. Nimzo is really comfortable with the Nimzowitscb, and giving him an extra tempo isnt quite good.

He also pioneered two provocative variations of the Sicilian Defence: He would be understood only long after his death. This section uses algebraic notation to describe chess moves. No posting personal information of members. Aron Nimzowitsch Aron Nimzowitsch.

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