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View and Download Dell Precision m90 user manual online. mobile workstation. Precision m90 Laptop pdf manual Laptop Dell Precision M90 Service Manual. Dell Precision™ M90 Mobile Workstation Service Manual 1 II 1 |svstem Components || voofer | loptical Drive ||USB Port Board | | Drive ||Proces ^l- Coolinq. [title|Dell Precision M90 Repair] [summary_image|] Additional Resources: Service PDF Dell Precision M90 troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals.

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Disconnect the LED board connector. Tighten the captive screw that attaches the display-panel ground wire to the display back cover.

Damage due to servicing that is not authorized by Dell is not covered by your warranty. Install the replacement battery: Remove the coin-cell battery, if appropriate see Removing the Coin-Cell Battery. Using a small screwdriver, hook the spring over the hook on the computer base. Page 51 Trademarks used in this text: The screw locations may vary slightly from the image shown below.

Also, before dervice connect a cable, ensure that both connectors are correctly oriented and aligned. To ensure maximum cooling prcision the processor, do not touch the heat transfer areas on the processor thermal-cooling assembly.

Align the Mini-Card with the connector at a degree angle, and press the Mini-Card down into the securing clips until the card clicks into place. Disconnect the USB-port-board connector from the system board. Repeat step 6 for the lower-left corner of the bezel. Remove the plastic battery-latch assembly by twisting the assembly slightly and lifting it out of the channel and away from the computer base. Use your fingertips to carefully spread apart the securing clips on each end of the memory module connector dekl the module pops up.


Only products approved for use in your portable computer may be installed. Reconnect the top display-cable connector to the top flex-cable connector. Remove the spring that attaches the latch to the display panel. Unless otherwise noted, each procedure in this document assumes that a part can be precisiob by performing the removal procedure in reverse order.

Page 46 Back to Contents Page For a complete list of abbreviations and acronyms, see “Glossary” in the User’s Guide. Remove the smart-card reader screw. Install the replacement Mini-Card: Loosen the two captive screws that secure the subwoofer in place. Dell mobile workstation setup and quick reference guide 72 pages.

Dell Precision M90 instruction manual and user guide

Be careful when removing and handling the keyboard. Use the pull-tab to disconnect the display cable from the system board, and then disengage the display cable from the cable channel. If the memory module cover is difficult to close, remove the module and reinstall it. Page of Go. Replace the palm rest see Replacing the Palm Rest. Replace the display panel inside the display back cover. Insert the battery into the battery bay, or connect the AC adapter to your computer and an electrical outlet.

Plug the AC adapter into a known good power source to prevent a loss of power. Perform all of the steps in Removing the System Board in reverse order.

Avoid pressing down on them or placing heavy objects on top of them. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Remove the display assembly see Sevrice the Display Assembly.

Do not touch the processor die. Ensure that the modem cable is routed correctly when you replace the modem. Otherwise, the hard drive may be damaged in transit. Lift the Mini-Card out of its connector.


Dell Precision M90 Service Manual

Handle the speakers with care to help prevent damage to them. Removing The Memory Module s Computer before you begin working inside the computer. Remove the display bezel see Removing the Display Bezel. Seating the processor module properly in the ZIF eervice does not require force.

Replace and tighten the screws.

Insert a screwdriver into the indentation for the device security screw, and push the notch on the metal tab to release the drive from the bay. Failure to do so may cause system damage. Replacing The Palm Rest M2.

Dell Precision M90 Laptop download instruction manual pdf

Use ptecision fingers to separate the bezel from the display back cover by pulling the lower-right corner of the bezel down toward the bottom edge A of the display assembly to clear the tab on the bottom of the lower-right corner. Turn the computer upside-down, loosen the two captive screws on the modem cover, and remove the cover from the computer. If a Mini-Card is not already installed, go to step 5. Reconnect the touch-pad connector to the system board.

Replace the spring that attaches the latch to the display panel. Insert the latch assembly into the channel on the computer base, and press it into place.

Remove the palm rest see Removing the Palm Rest.