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Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson, USAF (Ret.), Dereliction of Duty: The Eye- to May , whose duties included carrying the nuclear “football” or codes . Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson exposes the terrifying, behind-the-scenes story of the years when the most irresponsible President in our history had his finger. Lieutenant Colonel Patterson, Retired, is the author of two New York Times Bestsellers: Dereliction of Duty: The Eyewitness Account of How Bill.

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Jan 12, Adam rated it it was ok. Seeing it up close and personal for two years was eye-opening. He was not in a position to talk about it. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

Who are we fighting, in your view? George Soros was the man responsible for getting Barack Obama elected. You’ll learn about how Dutg Clinton maybe wasn’t such a great president.

Just a final question on the Clintons, then. Published June 14th by Regnery Publishing first published Read about how he was too busy playing golf to give the kill order against bin laden. When I got the call from the White House, I had no idea the job even existed, and went to the interview. And it was also very informational. I found it, ironically, in the French press. I’m curious now to know with the present administration, who carries the football now, and how safe are we actually?

When President Clinton finally decided to go ahead and get involved in Rwanda—actually, it was euty hundreds of thousands of people were slaughtered in Rwanda, and we went in as part of the United Nations force to stop the chaos in Rwanda, that was happening there.


They are quintessential politicians—he much more than she. It is seeking to institute sharia law around the globe. Waterboarding does not physically injure you.

Well, I think that it shows a lot of the arrogance, and also just how disconnected President Obama is with reality. They see it as a sign of weakness and they see Obama as being a very, very weak President and commander-in-chief.

He had to prove that he could be a strong commander-in-chief, and so he made the Afghanistan dtuy the central point of his campaign, in terms of how he would approach things as commander-in-chief. Needless to reriliction, after reading the book, it was difficult at times to put my little boy to sleep at night, as it made me ponder our s I met the author of this book a few years ago and was quite impressed with his story and dedication to his position.

What do you think? Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Imagine your biography was written by your worst enemy, who concentrated on and inflated every bad or foolish thing you ever did and ignored or denigrated every good thing. It was still organized in a way that made sense, so it is still a worthwhile read.

It also corresponded with the time that I asked President Clinton to produce the codes so I could swap the codes out with new codes—we did that from time to time—and President Clinton confessed that he had, in lt.col.bhzz, lost the codes.

Before becoming an author and commentator, Mr. Dec 17, Patrick Boykin rated it it was amazing.

Robert B. “Buzz” Patterson – SourceWatch

A must read before you vote. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable read from a literary standpoint. That should be big news. So what happened that you lost trust in the Clintons? What was your mission there?

Robert B. “Buzz” Patterson

They asked me a lot of questions about my background. But we also went in lt.col.bizz try to clean things up after the slaughter.


Caribbean island, that the U. To ask other readers questions about Dereliction of Dutyplease sign up. At the same time there are no comparison numbers given as an example. I think a lot of people might like to see that primary battle between Clinton and Obama again! And unlike the Soviet Union—at least they had an address, where we could point nuclear weapons and threaten right back—this one is so much more complicated than that.

Finally, there is something distasteful about a soldier assigned to protect the president writing if he really wrote this a “tell-all” book after his assignment. Couldnt bear this book. It makes me wonder, should we expect Petraeus or any other of the other top military leaders to, perhaps, step down, reriliction say they can no longer serve this President in good conscience? I didn’t find it immensely condemning, more just derilictioon in the believability of the account. Clinton being happy as Secretary of State, or even just being a Vice Presidential candidate.

Not the best writer you’ll ever read but a compelling and revealing look at the inside of Lt.col.bjzz presidency. But I flew back to California, accepted the position, and was there a few short months later. In fact, when she was running for lt.col.ubzz Presidency—against Barack Obama, ironically—one of her aides called me and wanted to know if , would support her candidacy.

When TWA went down, the first response, the first, initial reaction was to suspect terrorism.