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By Bob MorrisIt is helpful to our understanding of financial speculation early in the 21st century to view it within an historical framework. In Devil. Best Seller. Devil Take the Hindmost by Edward Chancellor. Buy . “A lively history of speculative manias and bubbles by a British banker turned writer.”— Susan “This Bubble World”: The Origins of Financial Speculation 2. Devil Take the Hindmost by Edward Chancellor, , available at Book Depository Devil Take the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation.

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Holy moly this book has a lot of information.

Devil Take the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation by Edward Chancellor

I am thoroughly disappointed in this book. Oct 06, Adrian rated it really liked it. Mar 02, Maximus rated it really liked it Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Yet there are more kinds of bubbles than merely the pumping and dumping of common stock. Still, people throw their money, or better yet, borrow someone else’s money to throw at every bubble that comes along.

Devil Take the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation

Jan 27, Nicholas Stocks rated it really liked it. The official being quoted is not a Chinese central banker circa Ancient Rome’s financial players, on the other hand, were known as “quaestors,” or seekers. Supported by this safety net – rising markets – export-oriented industries were supposed to reshape themselves so they could adapt to a domestic-led economy.


The small original group eventually sells out, leaving the ignorant and over-optimistic latecomers holding an investment now worth far less than the price that dwvil paid for it. For someone who doesn’t like reading fiction, this is the kind of book that still can provide a truly enjoyable read.

Edward Chancellor examines the nature of speculation–from medieval Europe to the Tulip hixtory of the s to today’s Internet stock craze. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Thanks to Chancellor we learn the Latin meaning of the word speculator: Further evoking China, Chancellor observed of the Japan bubble that “speculative mania is often a symptom of hubris,” with great manias tending to occur “when the economic balance of power is shifting from one nation to another.

fimancial Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. That markets are beneficial and usually clear, sure, but Chancellor, an ex-banker, gives many examples of ways in which irrationality, group madness, and outright mani It is difficult for me to imagine someone reading this book and remaining a true believer in the “efficient market hypothesis” the notion that the price of a security at any given time reflects all the available information and only responds to new information rather than the “mood” of the market or manipulations of speculators.

Apr 23, Raghu rated it it was ok. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. See all reviews. Is your investment in that new Internet stock a sign of stock market savvy or an act of peculiarly American speculative folly?


Devil Take the Hindmost : Edward Chancellor :

Around mile 12 on the way up from the riverI found it extremely difficult to keep the same thought for more than 20 seconds. There is no point in blaming the Regulating authorities. Morgans and Jesse Livermores of the Roman age. Oct 13, Allen rated it really liked it.

Chanc I read this book after listening to an episode of Jesse Felder’s podcast where he interviewed Grant Williams. Return to Book Page.

This book will not give you a history lesson about speculation that you can use in your own pursuits or as a basis for an intelligent conversation with friends or colleagues. For example, in one sentence I removed two prepositional phrases and made the sentence have active voice. Well written description of investment bubbles, and how people part company with reason as devill embrace greed and dreams of wealth.

Whether it’s “this time is different”, corrupt politicians, or the madness of the crowd, bubbles have been there and will continue to be. Anyone who has read Kindleberger’s ‘Manias, Panics and Crashes’ would find very little new material here. Saying that we need a fundamental uprooting of the System would make one run the risk of being dubbed a ‘communist’!