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The instructions show how to do this, but it’s easy even if you don’t have instructions. There are 3 cylinders on the right side. The left one holds. Description: While the Dignitet curtain wire looks nice, it is not the most functional since it tends to sag (even when tensioned properly taut, it will. A great idea, but needs a lot of work. No detailed instructions. The screws to tighten to wire are tiny and easily lost, they wouldn’t tighten onto the wire on one of.

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Insstructions should make sure you are going into a joist, stud or moulding; if you try to just screw into drywall, I don’t think you’ll have much luck at all. I suggest you only get the cable taut to begin with. Our bed was king-sized and set into a corner diagonally. Yahoo Mail 12, Questions.

Installing Cable Wire for Hanging Curtains

It’s not the prettiest curtain hardware, but I’ve never found anything more functional and versatile and you can’t beat the price. Rosie V – I’m sorry, but we no longer have that information.

I assume the tightening system uses the same principle instruchions a turnbuckle which I’ve used on the fence so the trick is to unscrew it as far as possible before installing the cable? Not finding what you are looking for? Dignitet Curtain Wire Note: Forgot to mention, I just want to hang them dkgnitet the area just above the curtain panels, on the wall, not the ceilings.

How to: Add tension to Dignitet wire curtain – IKEA Hackers

Thanks for the easy directions! I hate drilling through masonry walls in a rented house, and so this alternative works fine for me.

Also, our curtain needed to go behind the headboard, cignitet we wanted to hide the tubs and stuffed animals secreted away there.

  HP W2338H PDF

I just bought this cable kit from Ikea and plan on hanging curtains with it. I have plaster walls. Diignitet review on kinds of shower curtains. I like to do this step, because it makes the layout of the other two holes in the bracket easier, and is very accurate. Instrutcions instructions show how to do this, but it’s easy even if you don’t instryctions instructions. We wanted our curtains to fall 4″ from the sides of the bed and 2″ from the headboard to avoid interference.

He used two different sets of professional wire cutters with great difficulty, but finally managed to cut the “rope.

Unscrew the adjustable cable post to its full extended position. If this is the case, you may be able to have your posts mount right into a rafter behind the drywall with just some screws, giving you maximum strength when you tighten up the wire. Better to cut off too little than too much you can always cut more off later.

Bright colored twine or yarn Masking tape: The items shown here are a Dignitet system from Ikea. Did you also use two types of screws? Diagonally measuring your marks and getting the same distance between them means you are accurate. Then, remove the bracket and the temporary anchor, and install the permanent anchor of your choice.

I was on their website but the name “Dignitet” doesn’t match. It is shown on the page along with the hanging system. Look, ignore the negative reviews.

Reading the product information in the link I refer to might be of slight use but I assume you know. Don’t be afraid of the installation processit’s a snap. I am following the instruction manual; however I seem to be missing a piece.

ikea dignitet instructions Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Question about Furniture 2 Answers I cant find the instructions for product Cotton Gauze Bed Curtains. Some ihstructions just mark all at once and drill.


I need to drape the 8 ft high storage space above my 8 ft closet. I then put tension on the cable, and trimmed it so it would instrcutions into the holder all the way. Hi Lacie — that sounds like a very interesting project! It should make an industrial-looking space resemble a fancy cabana.

I would like to know if you remember the size of the screws, I’m interested in the width. I no longer have notes on the exact screws and plugs, but IKEA does sell digntiet set of screws and plugs as well.

The string is going to want to swing, so take care to calm it down to perfectly still. The “wire” is actually a thin, braided cable, so wire cutters are necessary to keep the ends from fraying.

Make sure the hole in the post where the cable goes is lined up in the same direction of the next post! Overall it’s a great product, especially if you don’t plan on having to install it more than once!

I plan to hang instrucrions curtains over a 4 metre length, so not very heavy, but when I bought the Dignitet in IKEA yesterday I noticed their display was very droopy nd have since read some comments online that it’s difficult to keep the cable taut. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes!

Now, double check the measurement. There was only one kind of hook in the package we used. Just need more of your help. Mount the post bracket with post and slide the cover plate over it. This idea is great! Dognitet for the awesome picture tutorial You have over 13′ to cover! But I do like the simple tension system with this set.