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Cazadores Oscuros — Sherrilyn Kenyon. Un Amante de El Juego de la Noche #5 ✓ (Sin reseñar). Disfruta de la Noche #6 ✓ (Sin reseñar). Pecados de la. Le gusta la sencillez de su rutina, y disfruta de la seguridad que le brinda. Pero una noche de tormenta un intruso altera el equilibrio de su. ¡Si quieres una lectura corta bien caliente, disfruta! Disponible en la biblioteca de Sam Crescent. Publicadas por Club del Ataúd a la/s · Enviar esto por.

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El Dador de Recuerdos — Lois Lowry. And who says pain isn’t romantic? I hope nothing will come of it.

Club del Ataúd: Serie Taboo Shorts por Sam Crescent y Jenika Snow (+18)

Let diefruta go, Valerius was what 6? I’ve never understood why I’m the weird, crazy one when Tia dances naked out in the bayous in descarfar ceremonies; Selena chains herself to fences; Karma is a bull inseminator; Aunt Jasmine is trying to splice a Venus flytrap with kudzu to make a man-killing plant to devour her ex-” Opposites attract.

Valerius is the most misunderstood Dark-Hunter so far. Luckily for him he’s immortal. Kenyon really out did herself with this one.

Just an interesting note. Rivals and Retributions 5. The romance What I liked the most was the development of the relationship of Tabitha and Valerius. The first part of this book is what makes me reread it over and over again. I love his vulnerability, that behind those cold facade he is a sensitive and kind and sweet guy, it just shows in a way that you want to reach out to him a give him a pat in the back.


Tabitha is a free spirit. Delirium — Lauren Oliver. As much as I understand why Zarek was so angry with him seeing things from Valerius’s side show that he was as much a victim as Zarek was. I loved everything about Valerius and Tabby’s story.

Tierra de Magia — Amanda Hocking. The first half is deep and detailed. Durante milenios, el ex dios, ahora convertido en Cazador Oscuro, ha estado tratando de recobrar wherrilyn poderes para poder vengarse de Artemisa.

Reto: ¡Continuar Sagas!

Revenants — Amy Plum. Divergente — Veronica Roth.

Valerius and Tabitha are perfect for each other. She is an ddescargar free spirit who knows what she wants and is not afraid to take it — and to hell with what anybody else thinks this makes for some sensational verbal sparring. I’m going to admit that I was a bit nervous about picking up Seize the Nighthaving seen Valerius through both Kyrian and Zarek’s eyes I went into this book feeling quite prejudiced towards him.

I loved Dance with the Devil!! Like when she stands up for Valerius many times, and when she admits how vulnerable she is romantically after the blow of her ex leaving her. You can see how this couple may seemed doomed from the get go. Something you’d only say to deliberately cause pain. Joyas Preciosas — Kerstin Gier. This is basically all you need to know about sherrioyn book. Infinite — May R. I am pausing with this series because I really have no idea if I’ll have the stomach for it, but I am so so sad because I really wanted to get to Ash!!!!!!!!!!!

Chicos Malos — M. The story is just perfect, I loved it! Arik es extremadamente amoral, un depredador indomable y decidido. Somos los Amos de la noche. Dabel Brothers Publishing 30 de mayo de Idioma: You’re the third Dark Hunter she’s nailed so far.


I guess I feel like all of us misfits need to hang together. The author did not spend like 20 pages describing the world that we already knew about to this new human being. Thanks for telling us about the problem. To make things worse, he’s very conscious of his aristocratic background and breeding. I did know of Acheron. It was the first book I ever read from her and led me down the dark hunter series with great expectations that were always met.

And he was such a gentleman, in my opinion. Then you must be sleeping with women who are so cold you could freeze ice cubes on them. A Gift for Kit 5. I am not joking when I say it made me sick to my stomach.

I don’t get the hatred of Valerius. In fact, she is my favorite so far. Tabitha is hilarious, Val was as sexy as hell! I really enjoyed his perceptions about her, and seeing as he slowly lets her into his heart.

As we got to know him more in this book, I absolutely fell in love. Since then, he has had no peace.