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“Gaudy Night stands out even among Miss Sayers’s novels. —Times Literary Supplement The great Dorothy L. Sayers is considered by many to be the. While Peter is on a governmental mission, Harriet attends a reunion at Oxford and is recruited to find the author of a rash of vicious poison pen letters there. Gaudy Night is one of Sayers’s series of novels about Lord Peter George Orwell wrote a review of Gaudy Night in which he I’ve been dying to swank about my one degree of seperation from Dorothy L Sayers for ages!.

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And in many ways she’s such a non-traditional female heroine Not that it was boring, because it most certainly was not, but there seemed to be so much ‘filler’ for lack of a better term.

Gsudy Gaudy begins a series of prank poison pen letters written with letters cut out from newspapers, burnings in effigy and obscenities scrawled on walls.

Gaudy Night – Wikipedia

Harriet responds that she will return to the College and see if she can do anything to help. Although this is the strongest, I would recommend reading at least the two earlier novels featuring Vane first, Strong Poison and Have His Carcase.

What do you reckon to this one in that regard? All evidence from any incident is directed to her and she documents the incidents as they occur, compiling a lengthy dossier. Sayers writes herself into her series and then takes us on a trip to her dorothhy mater. Pinnick, Noretta Koertgeand Robert F. Here’s one bit of it I particularly loved: But do you want to be either? A very impressive piece of work.

Gaudy Night: Episode One

Though not explicitly named, this was clearly the Abyssinia Crisisand the reference would probably have been clear to readers at the time. And I think you have to read it with that in mind and accept that she used — or possibly over-used — the prevailing social and racial stereotypes of the era.


All hail, Dorothy L. Actually, the Sayers translation is not particularly readable, but I give her points for effort. But for my reading pleasure, I would have liked to filter out a good hundred pages or so.

During the course of the investigation, Harriet finally admits her feelings for Peter, and the story ends in a highly satisfying manner with the lovers locked in the traditional kiss.

I love the introduction Saint George Wimsey. Yes — I agree.

Oh woe is me Lisa. Wimsey guady arrives in Oxford to help her, and she gains a new perspective on him from those who know him, including his nephew, an undergraduate at the university. The writing is fantastic. Harriet Vane attends a reunion at her Oxford College and is asked by the Warden to investigate a series of poison pen notes that several members of staff have received.

Gaudy Night

Gaudy Night is the one to read for more Harriet. Hell, just ask Time Magazine, apparently. Xorothy only one could come back to this quiet place where only intellectual achievement counted, if one could work here steadily and obscurely at some close-knit piece of reasoning, undistracted and uncorrupted.

I thinkis arguing for give and take; it’s true even today that women make a certain sacrifice, far more than men do, when they enter into a marriage the physical and emotional effects of childbearing and the change in status are still very real, despite our so-called progress and I think Inght is seeking, not so much an end to such sacrifice but an acknowledgement that it is real and should not be entered into lightly.

Apr 17, Katie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Moira August 7, She lays a meandering trail of red herrings which she mainly disproves, then brings back into the realm of possibility. But for all dorotyh them, I love GN just as much as ever, though I know it could have gone the other way, as it seems to have done for you.


EG is not the only authoress to consign her sleuth-heroine to an unsatisfying emotional limbo. Agatha Christie 2 28 May 04, An extremely involved, beautifully complicated mystery, with gorgeous descriptions of university life and environs.

Gaudy Night, by Dorothy L Sayers – The Heart Of Rest, and beyond. | Vulpes Libris

Until I saysrs my bookmarks and annotations, I was going to end this review with a dorothhy quote about women that made me question: Along with a mystery set in Oxford. Although Lord Peter Wimsey certainly figures in the book the central character is very much Harriet Vane. Harriet sees a new side to Peter and finds herself reconsidering her position in his life. Lord Peter is relatively scarce, so Harriet is center stage for most of the story.

As far as male-female relations, the only author from whom you can learn more is Austen. Share this Rating Title: She crops up again in Have His Carcasein which the pair find an easier footing as they solve a murder case together. I love how clearly the whole thing is set up gaud a choice.

I think Gaudy is the first book I ever picked to pieces, analyzing as far down as my then-teen-aged mind could go without hitting bottom. There are parallel hierarchies relating to brains and money. Add the first question. The unseen but necessary jobs like laundry, cleaning, cooking, buying food, paying bills, etc, are glossed over. My mother, whose educational ambitions were thwarted by family circumstances and the war, adored this book, and with her encouragement I read it first when I was a teenager.

The examiner has since moved to Shrewsbury College, and the campaign has been saers widow’s revenge against intellectual women who move outside what she sees as their “proper” domestic sphere.