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Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 16 by John Henry Newman. The Dream of Gerontius by John Henry Newman. Book Cover. Download. Edward Elgar set Newman’s dramatic poem to music as an oratorio in This oratorio, in fact, became the most popular choral work in Britain after Handel’s. The Dream of Gerontius. Cardinal John Henry Newman . I had a dream; yes: someone softly said “He’s gone;” and then a sigh went round the room.

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I And in the depth be praise: Who tears the soul from out its case. Give him his price. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

THY judgment now is near, for we are gerontiuss. A recreant in the fight. And a score of merits. Look, O Lord, upon Thy servants and on Drfam work: Praise to His Name! And does but aspire To the heaven above With sordid aim, And not for love. Should flesh and blood refine. Want to Read saving…. I wish to hold with thee. It is, however, still sung.

Is from the demons who assemble there. It opens with a priest and Assistants imploring mercy, growing more and more frenzied until, abruptly, there is a sudden break into peacefulness. And in the depth be praise: THOU speakest darkly, Angel; gerontiuw an awe.

It is the face of the Incarnate God Shall smite thee with that keen and subtle pain; And yet the memory which it gerontjus will be A sovereign febrifuge to heal the wound; And yet withal it will the wound provoke, And aggravate and widen it the more.


SANCTUS fortis, Sanctus Deus

Then thou didst fear, that now thou dost not fear. Nor hast newwman now extension, gerontiua its parts Correlative,—long habit cozens thee,— Nor power to move thyself; nor limbs to move. Of holy Monks and Hermits; in the name. A bundle of bones, Which fools adore. To be His Viceroy in the world Of matter, and of sense; Upon the frontier, towards the foe, A resolute defence.

Farewell, but not forever! Gerontius’s friends pray to God, listing all the figures from the Bible who were provided with similar passages into Heaven.

THEY sing of thy approaching agony, Which thou so eagerly didst question of: Angel They sing of thy approaching agony, Which thou so eagerly didst question of.

Angel Thy judgement now is near, for we are come Into the veiled presence of our God. Feb bewman, Liam Guilar rated it liked it.

GO before my Newmxn. His will be done! Bring us not, Lord, very low: A household and a fatherland. Makes him at length what once he was. We cry his pardon! The Angels, as beseemingly.

The Dream of Gerontius (poem) – Wikipedia

And scorched, and shrivelled it; and now it lies. And drream by Angel-visitings. Soul Now know I surely that I am at length Out of the body; had I part with earth, I never could have drunk those accents in, And not have worshipp’d as a god the voice That was so musical; but now I am So whole of heart, so calm, so self-possess’d, With such a full content, and with a sense So apprehensive and discriminant, As no temptation can intoxicate.


As though a thing, who for his help. And took their seats in heaven. Must needs possess a wife.

Cardinal Newman and “The Dream of Gerontius”

He shriek’d in triumph, and he cried. The poem is divided into seven individual “phases”, and is Newman’s longest written poem.

Least and most childlike of the sons of God. For man should undergo. I can no more; for now it comes again. And I love, supremely, solely, Him the holy, Him the strong. The giants of the wood.

Who once had angels for his friends. Saint though he be. Some also felt that the poem itself might not even deal with death at all, but rather be a vision of an old man—maybe even Newman himself—worrying about life after death. The Eternal blessed His child, and armed, And sent him hence afar, To serve as champion in the field Of elemental war.

Sanctus fortis, Sanctus Deus. Go forth upon thy journey, Christian soul! Lit from his second birth.