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But a playstation 3 has to process these images and seems to do it at a much more reasonable price, and don’t get me started about the lamp costs. Of course, if you’re rich then you won’t even be reading this article since you’ll just get the best that’s available. Red Foreman says it best. I also want to verify that Evan Powell is the Number one authority on projectors in this country and I know of no sorulr in the industry that is more respected by his professional peers.

Having said all that Xbox’s which will still be with us for several more years and the Sony PS3 which will be with us even longer do very few games at p resolution natively. Board index All times are UTC. I going to hold off until lamps are replaced by LEDs and sml kind standard exists for 3D projection Posted Sep 19, 6: But the question is this: Now I can see just how good Blu-ray is. Posted Sep 12, 6: Just like pcs, when aml cpu clock defined the speed of a ccmputer, which is wrong, you can’t judge a product based entirely on one aspect.

Posted Nov 3, 2: A huge amount of deprecated code has been removed I’m certain more’s to follow but the biggest chunk should be done also osrular separation of platform and CMS may bring some minor issues with it like changed file aml for starters.


I also have alot of Dvd’s that i like to watch. Technically, there is a difference between the two, the question is “can the average viewer with average HD content availability utilize p to the extent that it is worth two to three times as much as a very good p setup?

If you have 2 people looking at a screen and one sees screendoor and the other doesn’t you can be sure that person who doesn’t see screendoor will not be able to tell the difference between P and P. Not sure when that happened.

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Sure there have been improvements but if the lens on the old ptae was good enough to show the chicken wire effect surley its good enough to show the extra pixels?

Because a good picture is not just about pixel count. However, the difference will not be significant, and in many cases it will not even be noticeable even in a side by side viewing. Posted Jan 7, 8: With a projector, as with a TV, it would have a lot to do with how far away you are from the TV. I don’t know why, zmo if you’re set to p on the PS3, it downconverts. Post a comment Commenting on this article is easy and does not require any zjl. The real messed up thing, is that they’re pushing LCD technology for only one reason: Nevertheless, dorular reality is that p projectors displaying HDTV i will give you just a slightly better picture than you’ll get with a good p projector.

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However, despite all of the enthusiasm surrounding the p format, for many buyers on a budget the ideal solution is still the p projector. Posted Feb 17, 8: An entry-level LCD p unit can be bested visually by higher-end p DLP units that are often priced less to begin with.

Now I have seen Blu-ray via hdmi through both native p and native p models. Posted Feb 9, The platform has a much better process for this. Which should I buy then? Posted Feb 12, 8: Only by freezing both displays on a single frame and comparing will differences sometimes be visible, and then it will greatly depend on the quality of encoding on the BD disc and how the movie was shot to begin with, the condition of the film stock when transferred, and if the film is new or old But there is the potential for a slightly sharper image from HDTV i broadcasts when using a p projector.


The limiting issue is the video source itself.

I have a hard time believing that I wouldn’t see a difference between p and p. I have a very, very picky eye, and even standing there seeking out even the slightest of improvements in native p projectors using Blu-ray via hdmi, I did in fact see a slightly sharper image, and naturally better blacks and contrast but mind you-there are plenty of p projectors that have the same or superior blacks and contrast as most p sorulsr.

However, most folks are not driven to pursue video perfection at any cost like the videophiles are.

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I could go on. So many backward incompatibilities In which projector SD content will look better – p or p, given that all other things are identical.

I’ll take as much advice as anyone can give.

If so, you not only need a p projector, but you need a Blu-ray player to go along with it. So if your viewing material is primarily DVDs with maybe some HD sports on broadcast HDTV, the p projectors will give you almost nothing in image quality that the p projectors don’t already give you.