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D-Link DSLB User Manual. Product Overview. PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) Security. The DSLB ADSL Router supports PAP. Download the Dlink DSLB User Manual. The link below should start your download. Dlink DSLB Manual ยท Dlink DSLB Manual 2. D-link Dslb Manual Oi. D-Link DSL U ADSL2+ WiFi N Wireless Router Unboxing Features And Review. CONECTE TODOS OS CABOS.

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Make sure the type of account you are using is allowed on the computer you are connecting to. Make sure that the computer is connected to the right network When the computer detects a wireless network, if it has been connected to that network in the past, it tries to reestablish the manhal.

Download Manual for the Dlink DSLB

The computer is connected to your home wireless network and you have access to the Internet, but the connection is slow or dropped. If the computer is connected to the wrong network, click Disconnect.

No error message is displayed and there is no Internet connection:. Select from the following options:. Reset the wireless router by turning it off, unplugging it from power, waiting 5 seconds, and then plugging the power back in. Cannot share files with another computer on the network. To turn on Public folder sharing, follow these steps:.

Completely shut down the computer. If there are any issues, go back through these steps and verify that the settings are correct. Connect the computer directly to the network router using an Ethernet cable By connecting the computer directly to the network router using an Ethernet cable, you can determine if the connection problem is with the router settings or with the wireless signal.


However, that connection might not be the correct network. Go to the Slow or dropped connections section. The information just entered will replace the previous values that are causing the connection problem.

Network discovery and file sharing are turned off. To prevent the computer from connecting to that network in the future, click Manage Wireless Networks. Wireless network is working but you cannot share files with another computer.

Reset the power to the network router and the ISP or DSL modem When a computer establishes a connection with a router or with the Internet, it uses several IP addresses to manage the communication. If the problem is an incorrect password or key index, this option reconnects dxl the wrong information.

Click OK to allow Vista to diagnose the problems and restore the connection.

See the User Guide for model specific information. Computers with network discovery and file sharing enabled. Click Startclick the Dxl buttonthen click Shut Down.

Asia Pacific and Oceania.

In the menu, click Turn on network discovery and file sharing. Type in the user name and password of the account manula permission to access the shared computer. Perform a Microsoft System Restore If the computer was able to connect to the wireless network in the past, but now cannot connect, perform a Microsoft System Restore.

HP and Compaq Desktop PCs – Troubleshooting Your Wireless Network (Windows Vista)

If the wireless adapter you are using was purchased separately, consult the manufacturer’s Web site for the latest software. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Click Shareand then click Done. These types of problems can be resolved by disconnecting from the network router and manually reestablishing the connection with the correct password and key index.

Table of Contents Add to my del Add. Skip to Step seven. Perform a Microsoft System Restore If the wireless connection worked previously, but now is unable to connect, perform a Microsoft System Restore in Windows Vista to undo configuration settings that have caused connection problems. Read and respond to the windows that open. Right-click the Network Connection icon in the notification area and maanual Diagnose and repair from the menu.


After the connection occurs, place the mouse pointer over the network icon in the notification area to verify the Name, Speed, Strength, and Status of the connection.

In a few moments, the wireless networks disappear from the display. It might take a few seconds for the connection to become enabled. It is possible to connect to a network that does not actually exist. Disconnect from the network and manually re-connect A common problem with a lost connection or poor network connectivity, is that the computer is accidently connected to the wrong network.

Reset and reconfigure the router If you have installed a new router or made changes to the router settings while trying to fix connection problems, reset the router to its factory settings, Then run the manufacturer set up program to configure the router.

A yellow exclamation symbol indicates there is a problem with the connection. Type the required wireless network information, and then click Next. Can connect to the wireless network but not to the Internet The computer has been connected to your home wireless network in the past with access to the Internet, but suddenly it cannot connect to the Internet even though it can connect manuaal home wireless network.