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Product Name:DVRAHDProduct NO Features: 1、Use the standard H video compression format stream lower,high quality,longer recording. China Standalone DVR (RS-DVR), Find details about China Standalone DVR from Standalone DVR (RS-DVR) – Risen (Hongkong) Technology Co. Thank you for purchasing our product. Please read instructions before operation. Change without Notice. 4 ch Mobile DVR. User Manual.

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On the other hand, the same device can only be added to one EasyConnect account.

Query 614 play Remote Video. If you want to use another account, you have to remove it from the other account first. Record and playback video. Please refer to the below descriptions.

Then the recording files that meet the criteria requirement will show as the below picture. To hide the panel, you can either 6140 the button again or tap any places of the screen. Regarding the IP cameras it is usually around 6 present access, and for the recorders approximately at the same time. Live View When finish adding device, it will show the below playing window. Can set the turning off right, so as to ensure that the authorized user turn off the machine.

One window display on the Live view. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Entry Descriptions Name Any characters that you like to identify this device.

Users can view their surveillance cameras in 1, 4, 9, and 16 camera views. The priority for supporting recording: This menu option is available on the live screen and recorded playback screen. Run this app, and you will see main interface. Tap to open the PTZ Control panel.


DVR 5n1 X-Security Video Recorder The requested product does not exist.

Manual recording, motion detection recording, normal recording and alarm recording. Please point the camera of mobile phone directly to the code until it scan the code. When the code scanning is successful, you will get the below picture. Enter your inquiry detailssuch as: To assure the quality, we promise 2years guarantee.

Standalone DVR (RS-DVR-6104)

Any characters that you like to identify this device. Multiple microphones are supported and select-able in the app. If the aboves picture still can not help you deal with the problems. And at the bottom of this window, you can delete the device by click the red button After revise, please tap in the upper right corner. You can modify device login information in this window.

Android Remote Surveillance Software. Record and playback video 6.

Four windows display on the Live view. Logging on, logging out and turning off the machine Password logging to ensure the safety. Para ello primero se debe actualizar el firmware disponible As of app version 1.

P2P and QR code scan 2. Una vez abierto el Query Remote Video 8. Tapyou will see the device list that have recording. These grid views are available in live mode and recorded playback mode. Humanized menu dialogue when turning off the system menu: Your last sessions will be recorded and opened automatically in your next launch.


This mobile app for Android also lets users search and playback recorded surveillance video footage from the DVR’s hard drive. View up to 4 live video streams.

Tap the bright-yellow icon, the channel video will stop and the channel circle icon color becomes gray. Tapthen you will have the two way below to add: The majority of the IP cameras and some of the DVR models are compatible, some of them directly and others….

Provide choices for logging out the menu user, turning off the machine, and restarting the machine. The first option is to access the search menu where users can select a date and time to being video playback. And you just need input the information of device.

H 264 Standalone DVR CCTV Realtime Surveillance Security Standalone DVR 6104

Then tap any device, and you will see all the recording files of that device. Query and play Remote Video User can access video footage on the local network where the DVR is located or remotely over the Internet. When finish adding device, it will show the below playing window.

There is a drop down menu to select which channel of audio the user wants to hear.