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Hydrophobic Dynasylan® diaminofunctional silane is used in adhesives and sealants, and in coatings, to improve the adhesion of amino-reactive resins. Dynasylan® diaminofunctional silane used in coatings, adhesives, & sealants to improve the adhesion of amino-reactive resins. – The Cary Company!. Hydrophobic Dynasylan® diaminofunctional silane is used in adhesives and sealants, and in coatings, to improve the adhesion of amino-reactive resin.

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It is understandable that the degree of condensation, for example, in the case of rather high degrees of condensation, is frequently only an average value. It can be advantageous to use a mixture of different fillers.

Customary additives obtainable, e. The number of functional residues in the oligomer can vary according to the degree of condensation, the type of condensation and the monomeric silane cross-linkers used but is at least 2, e.

The index p stands for a value of 0, 1 or 2. Two-component silicone formulations are condensation-cross-linking RTV 2 systems and addition-cross-linking RTV 2 systems, wherein according to the disclosure, condensation-cross-linking two-component silicone formulations are exemplary as two-component systems.

Monomeric silane cross-linkers can have, e. Concrete examples from monomeric silane cross-linkers are methyltrimethoxysilane, vinyltrimethoxysilane, phenyltrimethoxysilane, propyltrimethoxysilane, 3-mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane, 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane, 3-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane, 3-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane, 2-aminoethylaminopropyltrimethoxysilane, 1,2-bis- trimethoxysilyl ethane, bis- trimethoxysilylpropyl amine, N- n-butyl aminopropyltrimethoxysilane, N-cyclohexylaminomethyltrimethoxysilane, methacryloxymethyltrimethoxysilane, O-methylcarbamatomethyltrimethoxysilane or the corresponding compounds in which the methoxy residue is replaced by ethoxy, propoxy, oxime or ketoxime.

Are you a distributor who is interested in being listed here? The index m can be, e.

Oligomeric siloxanes are used in 2-component silicone formulations as cross-linkers usually substantially only in the hardener component and can be there in amounts of 0. The addition of functionalized oligodimethylsiloxanes in accordance with the disclosure delays or prevents the phase separation and the properties of a corresponding silicone formulation remain unchanged.


A wooden spatula was dipped into the mixture and withdrawn at regular intervals without previous agitation. These functional residues can be present at any position of the silane cross-linker and can be bound to an Si atom of dynwsylan monomeric silane cross-linker. Exemplary ketoxime residues and alkoxy residues have already been previously described.

Dynasylan® – Hydrophobic Diaminofunctional Silane (55 lb. Pail)

The index m can be selected within wide ranges according to the intended use, in general in such a manner that a silicone oil is obtained. The entire contents of these applications are hereby incorporated by reference in their entireties. Concrete examples for the functionalizing residue, that is bound to an Si atom of oligodimethylsiloxane, are 3-aminopropyl, 2-aminoethylaminopropyl, 2-aminoethylaminoethylaminopropyl, EO-alkyl polyethylene glycolalkyl, e.

The one- or two-component silicone formulation according to claim 1wherein the oligomeric siloxane is a condensation product of one or 1146 monomeric silane cross-linkers and the monomeric silane cross-linker is a silane compound with three or more functional residues selected from at least one of alkoxy residues, acetoxy residues, oxime residues, amino residues, or N-methylamido residues. Examples for suitable fillers are inorganic or organic fillers such as dynastlan, ground or precipitated calcium carbonates, that are optionally coated with fatty acids, for example, stearic acid, calcined caolines, aluminum oxides, aluminum hydroxides, silicic acids, for example, highly dispersed silicic acids from pyrolysis processes, carbon black, for example, industrially produced carbon black, aluminum silicates, magnesium-aluminum silicates, circle rhodium silicates, quartz meal, cristobalite meal, diatomaceous earth, mica, iron oxides, titanium oxides, zirconium oxides, gypsum, annaline, barium sulfate, boron carbide, boron nitride, graphite, carbon fibers, zeolites, glass fibers or hollow glass spheres, whose surface is optionally treated with a hydrophobic agent.

These problems can be mitigated or avoided according to the disclosure if molecules are added whose chemical structure is between those of the cited oligomeric siloxanes and those of the polydiorganosiloxanes, for example, of the polydimethylsiloxanes. cynasylan


Exemplary functionalizing residues are residues with dynaasylan formula 1 R F -alkyl- the formula 2 R F -alkyl-Si R S 2 —O—, the formula 3 aminoalkylaminoalkyl and the formula 4 aminoalkylaminoalkylaminoalkyl, wherein in the formulas 1 to 4 R F is selected from mercapto, glycidoxy, amino e. A silicone component, comprising: This website provides links to other websites owned by third parties. You may choose a language below to continue to this industry or close this dialog above.

The person skilled in the art is familiar, as a function of the initial formulation and the intended use, with the selection of suitable additives and with the amount to be added for the particular component. The disclosure relates to dyasylan or two-component silicone formulations, for example, RTV silicones and their usage and to a corresponding silicone component.

As a result of this, ydnasylan are given the best possible support in the areas of research, applied technology, and handling. The functionalizing residue can be a non-hydrolysable residue.

US20150267094A1 – Silicone formulation with improved storage stability – Google Patents

The percentage data refers to the amount of the cohesion break. For example, q stands for a value of 0, 1 or 2, for example, for a value of 0 or 1.

Suitable catalysts are commercially obtainable. Such oligomeric siloxanes are commercially available, dynasylaan. This results in problems of the storage stability of formulated silicone products.

Dynasylan® – the brand for Functional Silanes

The functionalized dynnasylan comprises at least one terminal or side functionalizing residue. An organopolysiloxane containing units of given formula useful as joint sealing compositions, e. The oligomeric siloxane can be formed, e.

In the two-component silicone formulation, the cross-linking of the polyorganosiloxane is started by the mixing of the polymer component A containing the polyorganosiloxane with the hardener component B containing the cross-linker.