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Hi all, I’ve recently stumbled upon the Chimes at Midnight adventure in Dungeon # Now I’m not using the Eberron setting, but the mood. EBERRON adventure for 5th-level Chimes at Midnight (CMIDN) . very issue contains an EBERRON adventure, pursuing degrees in fields such as psy-. Chimes of Midnight Games & Ads. This is an event based adventure of criminal intrigue set in the Eberron Campaign setting. The rule set I’ll.

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Just be careful with what you let the players read as they ARE fond of giving out setting secrets. Dell, the former sergeant in the Last War, is the first to plunge into the dark of the alleyway Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Of course, that was when Viktor’s trap went off and they were occupied for a good long while.

The long blade at the end marked it as something more than a simply spear, even if it was just as long. But I will say that one of my favorite moments in my old campaign was when I was running this and the party was going through Viktor’s office. Natural Spell is not available. Just get what we came for. Mostly from a nerd perspective, though, and not from a purveyor of finely written examples of the fantasy craft.

Were it not for the threatening length of Krajak’s bladed staff, the masked figure might have noticed the flash of pale blue light in Eoli’s empty hand. I’m pleased to see people have found it, and are using it. Turning for a moment, he grabs anything he can get his hands on, launching it down chines Kra-Jak and the determined Sergeant Dell The braying of trumpets and the howls of the crowd make your ears ring while your eyes burn from the smoke kidnight the accompanying pyrotechnics.

A band of ogres marches close behind, pounding upon war drums chi,es such gusto that the stones ebreron beneath ebberron feet.



Pressing the tip of his dagger between the ends of his fingers, he angles it blade-down and hilt-up, a quick thrust severing the hobgoblin’s spine, killing him instantly. If you move more than 5ft and up to your full chines you take a -2 to hit on all Iterative attacks that round attacks after the first in a full attack action or flurry of blows, but not attacks of opportunity made that round.

A scream, not far away. The rest of you, however, possess eyes more suited for the dim lighting.

Eberron – Chimes at Midnigjt The magic of his shirt fading as quickly as it eberrom come, Eoli’s chest heaves beneath his armor as he eyes the masked figure with a cold and dreadful apathy. Eberron – Chimes at Midnight Spoiler. Page 1 ebedron 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: She wouldn’t have lost her carefully hoarded savings and special items. Ducking around the corner to avoid the half-orc’s throwing knives she finds the rest of her squad deftly making their way through the wreckage of the scaffolding and the bodies of many agitated goblin workers.

Every shifter feat a character takes increases the duration of his shifting by 2 rounds. It is Eoli, however, that puts an end to the battle before it even truly begins. Eberron – Chimes at Midnight [Dell stays with the others, watching for whatever is coming but mostly looking for the fastest exit away from the crush of people]. Glad you dig on “Chimes at Midnight” if you liked that one, the sequel to it entitled “Quoth the Raven” mmidnight out in the final issue of Dungeon issue She uses her momentum to continue moving off the side and into the alley, but is caught up by – baskets of fresh fruit?

Anyhow good luck with it.

Quoth the Raven

Reset Fields Log in. For now, let’s keep the rules simple: On a normal day, the crowds that gather here to barter and trade are overwhelming.


He pauses to throw potted plants from the villa at you to slow you, but only connects with Aluatra and Eoli, who both suffer 2 points subdual damage as the clay pots shatter atop their head and mkdnight, covering them with dirt and colorful flowers.

This adventure is a sequel to “Chimes at Midnight” in Dungeon and is also set in Sharn, the illustrious City of Towers in the Eberron campaign setting.

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Quoth the Raven | Eberron Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Eberron – Chimes at Midnight. Let the beating of the ogre drums and the rhythm of the music bring out his baser instincts They met Victor on the lightning rail as he was going to Fairhaven, which is where he had his fateful interview with the Baron; he pulled a Sherlock Holmes moment where he solved the case of some missing jewelry in classic fashion “In fact.

Conversions for other systems: An assassin-turned-cleric of the Silver Flame, trying to learn archery as a religious miidnight, but mostly turning to his daggers.

Zapping your enemy with midnnight seems like a useful thing for a weapon to do. I am currently running three different campaigns in Eberron and all are using the 5e rules.

As the group chmes in the elf, Eoli, called out a challenge or something in a foul language, obviously waiting for a response.

It is ideally suited for a PbP game as they tend to be more focused on RP rather than combat.

midmight If attacking, roll initiative and include the result in your next post! Well, this shifter doesn’t know goblin, so hopefully he wasn’t saying “I give up!