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ECE R80 describes two alternative test procedures to validate occupant safety of bus seats. Static loads are applied or the seats have to fulfill dynamic. ECE R80 – 关于客车座椅以及客车针对座椅结构的UNECE法规,此为法规的原始 版本以及对该版本的一些列修订和勘误。 对本法规的第2次修订已经. R Strength of seats and their anchorages for M2 and/or M3 http://www.

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ECE R80 – R17 Test Platformları

The alignment of the sight buttons shall be maintained; Designated seating position: The manikin’s hands shall rest on their thighs with their elbows touching the seat back; the legs shall be extended to the maximum and shall, if possible, be parallel; the heels shall fce the floor.

The 3 DH machine should not be left loaded on the seat assembly longer than the time required to perform the test; If the seats in the same row can be regarded as similar bench seat, identical seats, etc. The test forms shall be maintained as far as possible in contact with the rear of the seat during the application of the forces specified in paragraphs 3.

Then carefully return the back pan to the seat-back. Other designated seating positions: If another level adjustment of the 3 DH machine is necessary, rotate the back pan forward, re-level, and repeat the procedure from 4. Its first two digits at present 00 for the Regulation in its original form shall indicate the series of amendments incorporating the most recent major technical amendments made to the Regulation at the time of issue of the approval.

The application for approval of a seat or a vehicle shall be accompanied by the following documents in triplicate and the following particulars: All fittings forming part of the back of the seat or accessories thereto shall be such as to be unlikely to cause any bodily injury to a passenger during impact.

The maximum displacement of the central point of application of each of the forces prescribed in paragraph 3. The seat need not be an approved seat provided that it satisfies the requirements of paragraph 5.

If the seat occupant s is are correctly retained by the seat s in front of him them. Ecr several seat types differing from one another in respect of the distance between the front and back ends of their feet can be mounted on the same anchorage, the test shall be carried out with the shortest footing.

For suspension seats, the vertical position shall be rigidly fixed corresponding to a normal driving position as specified by the manufacturer; 4. If any movement of the feet has occurred during the rocking operation of the 3 DH machine, they must be repositioned as follows: Quadrants are incorporated in the lower leg segments to measure knee angles.


The actual torso angle corresponds theoretically to the design torso angle for tolerances see paragraph 3. The forces indicated in paragraph 3.

Pulse Test

The holder of the approval shall in particular: List reference data for further seating positions under 3. Requirements for a vehicle type A test force equal to H2 to the rear part of the seat corresponding to each seating position of the seat in the same vertical plane and in the same direction at the height H2 which shall be between 0.

Trade name or mark of the vehicle: Two seats representative of the type to be approved, in the case of approval of a seat, 2. The first digit is an Arabic numeral and designates the row of seats, counting from the front to the rear of the vehicle. Vehicle submitted for approval on: In the case where negative results are recorded during one of these efe, the competent authority shall ensure that all necessary steps are taken to re-establish the conformity of production as rapidly as possible.

Carefully return the back pan to the seat-back and check the two spirit levels for zero position.

Pulse Test – DIAdem Help – National Instruments

The force F shall be determined by the following formula: ECE R80 Certified plastic bus seat city bus seat plastic seat for bus. An adjustable thigh bar, attached to the seat pan, establishes the thigh centreline and serves as a baseline for the hip angle quadrant. The same Contracting Party shall not assign the same number to any other seat type or any other vehicle type. Auxiliary seat The auxiliary seat shall be the same type as the seat being tested and shall be located parallel to and directly behind the seat being tested, the two seats being at the same height, adjusted identically and on a pitch of 75 cm.

The application for approval of the vehicle shall be submitted by the vehicle manufacturer or by his duly accredited representative. Brief description of the seat type, its attachment fittings and its adjustment, displacement and locking systems including the minimum distance between fitting points: The following documents, bearing the approval number shown above, are available on request: Alternately, lift each foot off the floor the minimum necessary amount until no additional foot movement is obtained.

Manufacturer’s name and address: Annex 8 – Procedure for determining the “H” point and the actual torso angle for seating positions in motor vehicles The line passing through the “H” point sight buttons shall be maintained perpendicular to the longitudinal centreplane of the seat; If the left leg cannot be kept parallel to the right leg and the left foot cannot be supported by the structure, move the left foot until it is supported. The “H” point is located in the centre of the centreline of the device which is between the “H” point sight buttons on either side of the 3 DH machine.


All joints of the 3 DH machine should be checked for free movement without encountering noticeable friction. As authorized regional dealer we can get the items directly from the factory, also we have the ability to design, manufacture and supply the solutions.

Seat, Belt & Anchorage Test System | ECE-R14, ECE-R80 & FMVSS

Rock the 3 DH machine from side to side through 10? This place shall be: Structure, shape, dimensions and materials of the load bearing parts; Types and dimensions of the seat back adjustment and locking system; Dimensions, structure and materials of the attachments and supports e.

Brief description of the vehicle type according to its anchorages and minimum f80 of the distance between the anchorages: Annex 7 – Determination of acceptability criteria China hard plastic seat China plastic seat and back China seat plastic seat shell. If the feet change position, they should be allowed to remain in that attitude for the moment.

For other seats, the centreplane of the occupant is specified by the manufacturer; “Three-dimensional reference system” means a system as described in appendix 2 ecf this annex; “Fiducial marks” are physical points holes, surfaces, marks or indentations on the vehicle body as defined by the manufacturer; “Vehicle measuring attitude” means the position of the vehicle as defined by the co-ordinates of fiducial marks in the three-dimensional reference system.

C to ensure that the seat material reaches room temperature. Where possible the left foot shall be located approximately the same distance to the left of the centreplane of the 3 DH machine as the right foot is to the right. Measurements in the femur of the manikin The axial conpression force shall be measured with a CFC of A detailed description of the seat, its attachment fittings and its adjustment, displacement and locking systems; Drawings, on an appropriate scale and in sufficient detail, of the seat, its attachment fittings and adjustment, displacement and locking systems; For approval of a vehicle: