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The production and use of biodiesel provided the means to a net reduction of C[O.

The presence of these three crystal phases in the inactivated CaO starting material is related to its chemical composition, present impurities and potential surface interactions with C[O. Prasad, Triglycerides-based diesel fuels, Renew. SEM images of the CaO catalyst samples show that particle sizes decrease while pore sizes increase after thermal activation Fig.

In our experiments this temperature was somewhat higher, i. The second process was complete up to [degrees]C and can be assigned to the dehydration of Ca[ OH.

Rise of global middle temperature of the earth surface; Sea level rise; Changes in staklens Change of hydrological regime and regime of water resources; Influence on ecosystems, agriculture and forestry.

Efekt staklenika

The great attention has been given lately to biodiesel production from renewable energy resources e. Fuel consumption was determined by the volume-method applying a flow-meter of type Pireburg In addition, we believe that the BET surface area of the CaO catalyst should be correlated with the precursor type and the relevant staklsne treatment applied.

Uticaj na smanjenje emisije gasova staklene baste. Looks like you’ve reached the end. Therefore, the sintering process went on to a smaller extent and this probably resulted in a consolidation of the catalyst samples [24].


The corresponding properties of the catalyst samples calcined at higher temperatures and [degrees]C changed but not to a substantial extent. The transesterification reaction is most often performed at atmospheric pressure, and the heating is consequently limited by the refluxing temperature of the used alcohol. Tanabe, Solid acid and bases, Kodansha, Tokyo,p. XRD patterns of thermally untreated commercial CaO-precursor, and CaO catalyst samples calcined at different temperatures, are given in Fig.

Many people may find it unrealistic that there is something bad in the fact that it will be a little bit warmer on the planet, nevertheless the global increase of temperature could influence bast and biodiversity, agriculture and forestry, human health, hydrological regime and energetic.

This is an indication that the establishment of the steady-state is rather slow over CaO-catalysts activated at both lower temperatures.

Efekat Staklene Baste

Catalyst activity was ranked as FAME yield calculated as we have reported in our previous work [23]. Vikings reached the island in the 10th century from Iceland; Danish colonization began in the 18th century, and Greenland was made an integral part of Denmark in Namely, calcium hydroxide and calcium carbonate phases were detected in the non-calcined CaO sample, and only a small amount of the carbonate phase was registered in the CaO sample about 5.

Unable to load more. Van Gerpen, Biodiesel processing and production, Fuel Process. U ovom radu je ispitivan uticaj fizicko-hemijskih svojstava serije CaO katalizatora aktiviranih na razlicitim temperaturama za proizvodnju biodizela.

.·. EARTH CORPORATION – Serbia – Google+

Matsuda, Selective hydration of acrylonitrile on metal oxide catalysts, Chem. These changes in intensity and peak width may indicate somewhat larger dimensions of the CaO crystallites formed at higher activation temperatures Table 2. Koriscenje namesanih goriva sa biodizel gorivom, kao i potencijalna totalna zamena fosilnih goriva sa biodizelom kao obnovljivim, alternativnim, ekoloski prihvatljivim gorivom za dizel motore, moglo bi u velikoj meri da utice na smanjenje emisije gasova koji izazivaju efekat “staklene baste”.


On the contrary, after the calcination at [degrees]C, well defined crystallites of nano-size dimensions were observed whereas larger pores were revealed. The catalytic activity of CaO was improved by activation treatment at [degrees]C after transformation of the CaC[O. The properties of different biodiesel obtained with the use of the prepared CaO catalyst blends with different diesel and biodiesel ratios indicate that the higher the fraction of biodiesel fuel the better the achieved fuel properties according to the EU standards.

Dzamna Duman –

Such mesopores and near-edge mesopores-macropores are generated as a result of residual areas among particles formed during the catalyst preparation. Bojic and Aleksandra R. Crystallite sizes were calculated from the Scherer equation. Engine performances were investigated on a Tractor type Mahindra However, at present there is only one commercially accepted transesterification process technology. Reaction products samples were taken gaste each 1 h of a single reaction run.

This is in line with the thermal stabilization of the catalytic material based on CaO.