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The Rancilio Egro ONE Pure Coffee Touch is a beautifully designed commercial machine with customization and simplicity at the forefront of it’s vast array of. Rancilio Egro One Touch Pure: Commercial espresso machines at Suitable Environment. The most compact in its class, the Rancilio Egro One Touch Quick Milk has a slim profile which saves valuable counter space making it a.

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For the use of these cookies, the criteria for the masking of the IP address have been adopted. In addition, the servers of the Company will be able to automatically record the requests forwarded in relation to the individual pages while browsing through the server log. A real refrigerating unit with smaller dimensions and with great aesthetics impact.

A new milk level sensor, developed and patented by Egro Lab, monitors and measures the milk level to considerably reduce waste. Additionally, a central hot water outlet see picture as well as an ejection device for waste coffee may be selected. Failure to provide your data implies the objective impossibility to download and install the App and use it.


The option Self is without steam wand and is not configured for double shots. Cookies on the Site “Third Party” cookies These cookies can be used together with the web beacon, that is small text files embedded in the web page, in order to collect information concerning the use of the Site. The information and personal data are collected when you install, access or use the App.

User rights With reference to your Data, you have the right to ons the Data Controller, according egrk the procedure indicated in the Regulations, to: It is sufficient to adjust the general settings and the software will automatically calculate all the individual ingredient quantities ome the various beverages.

Failure to submit, or the partial submission of your Data implies the objective impossibility to sending.

Rancilio РMacchine per caff̬

The algorithm comes into play to keep the duration of the brewing time constant. Cookies are small text files that the sites visited by users send to their terminals, where they are stored egr being re-transmitted to the same sites on the next visit.


The ONE Touch has an advanced user interface with a 5. This activity is performed using the service provided by the Google company called Egeo Analytics. The Automatic regulation of the grinder is based on an algorithm capable of correcting any variation in the in-cup coffee quality caused by external factors beyond the barista’s control, such as coffee storage, weather conditions, internal coffee machine temperature and usage times.

The ONE coffee machines are available with a spacious cup warmer that has three convenient shelves and a thermostat for regulating the temperature. The revocation will make it impossible to continue using the App. The brewing unit boasts a revolutionary patented hermetic closing system, which requires less maintenance and reduces the overall running costs of touvh machine.

The computer systems and software procedures used to operate the App Apple Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store acquire, during their normal operation, some data referring to the user whose transmission is implicit in the use of protocols of internet communication, smartphones and devices used.

C-Lever with Cool Touch.

Rancilio Egro ONE Touch Machines

Cookies can be stored on the user’s computer permanently persistent cookies and have a variable duration, or disappear when the browser is closed and have a limited duration session cookies. Transfer of Data abroad Your Data is stored at the registered office of the Company and on servers located within the European Union.

The new steam valve with a special control knob and ergonomic design is completed with open-stay and open-close functions. For this reason, a more effective arrangement of equipment and work tools may represent a turnaround solution.

By means of an advanced rouch system, a machine setting may be reproduced in exactly the same way on other egrp, an application that lends itself, for instance, to chain stores or self service areas to guarantee a standard product and identical service. This Site may contain links or references for access to other websites.

The Data and information collected are not used for profiling purposes, for the offer of products and services or for general commercial purposes. An alternative high-performing solution that is well suited to all those venues wishing to offer their customers an increasingly varied and exhaustive choice of beverages.


Rancilio Egro ONE Touch Machines

This new totally automatic steam wand allows milk to be heated and frothed using a mix of steam and air, until a soft and remarkably compact foam is obtained. Moreover, the sensor recognizes the exact quantity of milk necessary to guarantee the production of the beverage requested. The App receives and collects the information and personal data, indicated below, required for the download, installation and use of the App touvh to improve the functionality and the additional data and information that you will provide.

Transfer of Data abroad Your data are not transferred abroad. It is a web analysis system based on the use of cookies, aimed at understanding – in a completely anonymous way eggo how users use the Site.

The ONE can be fitted with a variety of payment systems: The Site does not share any information with these widgets. User rights With reference to your Data, you have the right to ask the Company for the following in the manners indicated in the Regulation: Nature of the provision of Data The provision of your Data is required in order to allow the evaluation of your professional profile, and any potential selection process aimed at establishing an employment relationship or rgro collaboration.

This is because on each site there may be some elements images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains, etc. With its optional payment systems the ONE Self touuch ideal for use in all self-service egeo. Device and connection information: The international spirit of Egro ONE is underscored by the enhanced brewing group in stainless steel 18 grams, created for the specific purpose of enabling the preparation of coffee beverages in perfect American and North European style.

For further information, refer to the respective regulations: