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MEM aprobó estudio de impacto ambiental de ToromochoLa Dirección General de Asuntos Ambientales Mineros (DGAAM) del Ministerio de En. While Chinalco had paid $ million for Toromocho, it expected to produce .. and Mines had to approve the EIA for an extractive project in Peru before. Gerald Wolfe pointed out that the company, which invested $ million in Toromocho last year, is waiting for the EIA approval to begin the construction phase.

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The block flow diagram given in Figure An additional code was assigned to the model to reflect the boundary between the leach cap and interesting mineralization. Contour intervals on that map are 50m.

Toromocho mine

The structure of the Toromocho data base necessitates a number of comparisons for data base verification. The heap leach process was not incorporated into the floating cone economic input. IMC has not offered a professional opinion regarding the property situation. Old Drilling Centrimin – Cerro de Pasco. Although indicative of the amount of copper recoverable through acid leaching on heaps or dumps, the assay also tends to recover some copper from chalcopyrite.

In order to use all of the drill hole data in the block grade estimate, IMC assigned the rock type of the block model to late drilling that did not have geologic logging complete.

Consequently, the external constraints had more impact on final pit design than the floating cone results. IMC has not reviewed the environmental situation at the property. The impacts of zinc and arsenic on the process have also been investigated. This is rehandled to the mill at the end of the mine life.

Low grade ore that could be leached or milled is stockpiled toromochoo of the mine. The results of X-Ray Diffraction XRD analyses from PMET demonstrated that layered silicate minerals such as talc, phlogopite and chlorite were floating eiaa in rougher flotation and contaminating the rougher concentrate. The drill hole data base for this model was based on all PCI drilling completed in late October More work is necessary to quantify molybdenum metallurgy.


The pit outline shown on the sections eiz an earlier resource declaration and is not intended to match the current reserve open pit designs. Economic Input to Production Schedules. For comparison, the following statistics for 10m composites of PCI Holes: A large part of the population of the Morococha district works in the mining industry.

Silver and gold are reported in grams per metric tonne. Low grade mill ore that is hosted in calc-silicates skarn is stockpiled to a toronocho grade mill ore stockpile for processing at the end of the pit life. The material delivered to each process and destination is summarized on the table.

Some of the information within this section is paraphrased from the Information Memorandum on Toromocho prepared by Credit Suisse, First Boston for Centromin during The pulps were then composited as outlined above to generate 10m pulp weight composites of total copper assay. HQ and PQ Core is boxed in wooden boxes at the drill rig.

Chalcocite enrichment blankets in other porphyry coppers seldom exceed to meters in thickness and the primary chalcopyrite is usually all replaced by chalcocite.

Mill Processing Schedule Input Parameters. Sub-horizontal mineralized skarn zones occur that are somewhat distal from the central core of the deposit that are copper, zinc, and silver rich and are controlled by the Pucara bedding and structure.

All ore and low grade material on Table is measured and indicated category mineralization which is reported on Table and proven and probable Mineral Reserves.

This zone, in turn, is surrounded by a zone of lead-silver vein deposits. The total resource was established at a 0.


| Minera Chinalco Perú – Proyecto Toromocho

Its use in the early stages of development resulted in torimocho concentrate grades but generally lower copper and molybdenum recoveries. Intervals Identical to B Above. IMC determined that eiq mining of high arsenic could be accomplished and therefore these ores would be removed to allow the production of final copper concentrates of less than smelter penalty grade arsenic. A buffer of m on the northwest side was also left between the national highway and the pit crest.

Figure is a graphic representation toromochl the material movements and head grades. The paved Central Highway from Lima passes through Morococha. The economic parameters presented on Table were used for economic comparison of alternative production schedules and to set an economic criteria to segregate mill ore and leach ore. Reclamation of the low grade mill stockpile to the mill has not occurred on Figure Inferred category mineralization was treated as waste.

Rougher and cleaner flotation times for flotation cell sizing.

The Low Grade Leach Stockpile is intrusive hosted material that could be leached or milled. The process uses standard off-the-shelf chemicals.

Mine Mobile Capital Cost.

The core is transported to the PCI core logging facility at Tuctu. Old Data is Conservative. Based on the flowsheet introduced in Figure 4. Hypothesis tests indicate that toro,ocho population means and the differences between individual samples are sufficiently close that the data can be commingled. PCI is currently assessing the total amount of high talc skarn material in the mineable reserve. The Toromocho pit area is indicated on the map.