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The Rising is the first book in a series of zombie-themed horror novels written by author Brian Keene. This title won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel in. el alzamiento brian keene – Buscar con Google. Discover ideas about Book 1. El Alzamiento o The Rising (Brian Keene) novelas zombies. Book 1Book Club. Anibal libros para todos: El alzamiento — Brian Keene.

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They are capable of talking, of using tools, of driving, of firing guns. Let’s just say that the main characters are placed in a situation at the boy’s house where they split up. Alas, not so much. Meanwhile, a scientist named Baker, who was working on the particle accelerator, is bgian within the confines of his underground workspace. The two join forces to find Danny and soon run into many life-threatening situations such as packs of roving zombies, backwood cannibals seeking extra food and undead wildlife.

This won the Bram Stoker? One nrian thing, that ending By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Keene brings a new voice yes that’s right voice to the way you perceive zombies. And yet I trudged on, a glutton for punishment as always. I really felt something for a few of these characters too. Our number is greater than the stars! Engastrimathos du aba paren tares. One and a half stars grudgingly rounded up to two. Despite some original ideas and a few worthy tense moments, it is most of the time laughably bad, and embarrassingly badly written. Keene was telling was the story of the characters.

Looking back, I’m still amazed at how a writer can do this so smoothly. I like Joe so much that I hired him to narrate my own novel, Mass Hysteriaand given the fandom and devotion surrounding The Risingit was time to give it a second chance. Worse, they set cunning traps for the unwary.


El alzamiento – Brian Keene – Google Books

About fifteen years ago, I kind meene fell out of zombie fandom since it felt like it had all been done many, many times.

The ‘zombies’ are dead people posessed by ‘demons’ out to wreck ‘The Creators’ read, god world. For a start, the zombies have a good level of intelligence.

I also understand that a female, or male protagonist for that matter, has to be put into positions where the reader can root for her or him. There is an outbreak.

Jim eventually meets Martin, a wise elderly black minister. Worse, the author throws so many characters at you that I found it hard to really connect with any of them. I was glad to have both novels to read back to back or I’d have been a little mad about the end too.

Joe Hempel’s narration of the audiobook edition sealed the deal. Brian Keene’s The Rising free for review 16 33 Jul 12, The Rising First edition cover. Over all I liked the book OK. Third, the characters seem to be heading to an improvement in their lives, characters like the drug addict Frankie, the scientist Jim, etc.

Despite its too-frequent dips into mawkish sentimentality and general corniness, this is a fast-paced, exciting, and at-times surprisingly heartless page-turner. Perhaps, because the descriptions were graphic? Jim’s suicidal thoughts turn around into a new purpose – to rescue Danny. He’s a great fit to Keene’s sensibilities, and I’m looking forward to listening to his reading of City of the Dead next.

That’s a problem when the main story arc follows a man trying to rescue his son. Jan 16, Kris Lugosi rated it it was amazing Shelves: A lot of purists didn’t like this, but I thought it was great.

The zombies were not your stereotypical zombies; they were far more mobile, and capable of using tools, weapons, and setting traps to catch the foolhardy mortals who they hunted. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Maybe the fellow in the forums that mentioned this book as being good was a 7 year old?


Only these guys turn out to be cannibals who want to cook these two for dinner. The Rising broke a few rules, but wait a second Led by the sociopath Colonel Schow, the soldiers abuse their authority by violently drafting people into their slave force, turning women into sexual slaves, and torturing anyone who questions them.

He voices each character well, providing enough subtle distinction and occasional accents or tones that each line of dialogue is unique to each speaker. We are Ob and Ab and Api and Apu. Really I only need to give you a few examples of things that happen in thi Oh dear.

Becoming a zombie is not really a virus in this book as it is in I believe all the other zombie books I have read. Man, this guy had a fairly large cast for such a short novel, but in no way did I find switching from one character set to another slow up the story at all.

Escape seems impossible for Jim Thurmond, one of the few left alive in this nightmare world.

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The zombies in The Rising can use guns and drive as well as munch human flesh. Civiliza When you’re reading about the end of the world, what’s better than zombies?

However, these zombies wound up being very scary. In fact many of these are mentioned in the book.

Together they must battle both the living and the living dead…and the even greater evil that awaits them at the end of their journey.