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Anhelo de Vivir La Vida de Vincent Van Gogh by Irving Stone, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Anhelo de vivir: la vida de Vincent Van Gogh. Front Cover. Irving Stone. Altaya, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Anhelo de vivir. Anhelo de vivir: La vida de Vincent Van Gogh / Longing to Live: The Life of Vincent Van Gogh. Front Cover. Irving Stone. Editorial Planeta.

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Although this is a biography, it’s usually found under “fiction” in bookstores and libraries. I felt like the novel was too pleasant and too simple to describe the complex characters of Vincent Van Gogh.

Anhelo de vivir

There was also an interesting part in the book where he was living in Paris and all these other artists were there also. InStone received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

Books by Irving Stone. After the book ends, Stone has a section called “Notes”, where he admits to the reader that a couple of the scenes such as Van Gogh’s meeting with Paul Cezanne were clearly a product of his imagination. Sometimes the book hits its stride, sometimes it’s melodramatic and utterly pedantic there’s a ridiculous dream-scene where Van Gogh meets the feminine symbol of art, Maya, and they both express their love for each other.

I did learn some new things about Van Gogh, his life, painting, and his infamous ear mutilation. I read dear Theo at the same time and perhaps it colored my view of this fictional interpretation of Van Gogh’s life.

The Stones lived primarily in Los Angeles, California. The latter half could have been trimmed as it gets monotonous. What was their crime? I was so annoyed and wanted to yell at him to stop being to selfish and such a taker and just work for himself!


That being said, I admire the effort Stone put into breathing life into Van Gogh’s story, and his pursuit of maintaining truth and authenticity in storytelling a lot of the content is cross-checked with Van Gogh’s letters to Theo.


The only hard thing is to anhslo loved. I haven’t read any of Stone’s other novels so don’t know if he always writes this way or if he adopted this style as one that suited Van Gogh’s life.

For the last five years that I have been in paintings, Van Amhelo was always my go to painter whose life stroy as well as the paintings seemed the closest and dearest.

I wish the last part, about Vincent’s wtone in Auvers, were longer and more detailed for example showing Vincent’s relationships with other people than Gachetbecause it looks like Stone wanted to finish the bo 3,5. He wasn’t even a very nice person from what I could tell.

Quotes from Anhelo de Vivir. Just yuck to that. He painted, and when he got tired doing that he went on painting, and when that fatigued him anheol pained some more.

Anhelo de vivir by Irving Stone (3 star ratings)

Therefore, a Lust for Life, about the life of Vincent Van Gogh, entered my radar when it was included in a list of good books about artists.

There were many characters to juggle and many accents and a few different languages—all done perfectly. Retrieved 25 June His brain was a burning crucible, turning out red-hot canvas after canvas. What was their great offense that made them outcasts and pariahs?

Vincent van GoghTheo van Gogh. Many people told Van Gogh to give up art because he was not succeeding within the narrow confines of accepted good Dutch art. I’m looking forward to reading the collected letters of Vincent Van Gogh and see how I feel about this book afterwards. If you were so unhappy that even the maddest ideas could possible work, like painting the walls of your internal organs yellow, than you are going to do it. I come away from this novel knowing much more about Van Gogh than I previously knew and I found it to be a very touching story.

Who knows, maybe it all more or less happened like it is told here as the author claims. Therefore, almost everything in this novel was new to me.

During their lifetime, Stone and his wife funded a foundation to support charitable causes they believed in. The row of oleander bushes in the back yard of the yellow house went raving mad, flowering so riotously that they might well have developed locomotor ataxia.


Art is amoral; so is life. But overall, the book was kinda average. It was a tough read Vincent was getting pushed down over and over and over again. Some of his own doing and some out of his control.

Anhelo de vivir by Irving Stone. I already knew the basic outline of Vincent’s life, so maybe that was also part of the problem, no suspense or surprise, of course that isn’t the book’s fault. Either Irving Stone is a brilliant author writing this book in a simplistic style re order to capture Van Gogh’s simple lifestyle anhello open-minded thinking for the day or this book is a travesty, one that could have been written elegantly in a way that would have reflected the beauty of Van Gogh’s art.

It is Stone’s first major publication and is largely based on the collection of letters between Vincent van Gogh and his younger brother, art dealer Theo van Gogh. I was really interested in Vincent Van Gogh’s life as a novel, but this was kind of heavy and slow and I’m not in the mood for it. I loved seeing how Van Gogh grew as a person as well as an artist. I do not tend to like his art and knowing more about his life led me to believe that he had a wasted life.

The premise guiding his life was that there is no beauty in happiness and that true beauty can only result from pain and suffering. The prose is mawkish in some spots, and the entire book is awash in cheap sentimentality.

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