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Horacio Castellanos Moya (born ) is a Salvadoran novelist, short story writer , and El asco, Thomas Bernhard en San Salvador, (Revulsion: Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador, English translation by Lee Klein published by New. Fouling One’s Own Nest: On Translating Horacio Castellanos Moya the three other books by Moya that Bolaño had read, he deemed El asco. Abstract: Salvadoran writer Horacio Castellanos Moya offers a provocative example of postwar cynicism in his novel El asco: Thomas Bernhard en San.

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View all 19 comments. I confess that voicing my own hatred and vitriol at times feels rather good and freeing, and is something I also like to read of others doing in order to assuage or rid myself of my own personal misanthropic feelings for my fellow countrymen and certain obstacles in my path in realizing my innermost desires. Sadly, very few people in El Salvador have read Bernhard, and fewer still have a sense of humor. As Moya says in an afterword, he writes short novels, and one has to wish he stuck with something long enough, in terms of numbers of pages as well as attention, to get deeper into what he’s thinking and what he’s doing with the thinking.

In the novel became his first work to be translated into English.

Fouling One’s Own Nest: On Translating Horacio Castellanos Moya

I guess in San Salvador shit begets shit. Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador, is an exercise in style.

This was like spending the afternoon engrossed in a gritty hilarious stand up comedy. I wish I had the time to do so.

Moya never gets a word in edgewise. Revulsion is a novella of the most intimate comedy that also manages to be quite horrifying. But come on here, ranting is ranting. An incessant rant by a character named Edgardo Vega directed to, I suppose, anybody who might be listening, but in this case even more pointedly at the character Moya himself as receptor. Over the next few years he wrote and published several novels, including SenselessnessThe She-Devil in the Mirrorand Revulsion: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Vega finds El Salvador despicable, he attacks everything: I was once writing a paper for school and turned to ask a friend I was sitting with if it was crazy to say I believe that humans are inherently good; to which, my friend replied that well, it was the complete opposite of everything he believes, which, I get where he is coming from, but he is also a pretty big activist for animal rights and saving their habitats, which I think is a pretty good thing. I’ve not read Bernhard.

Some of his other work bears the visible influence of Thomas Bernhard Senselessness especially but nowhere is it as clear here. Revulsion is actually structured in this way, and this on its own is enough to fill me with delight.

Thomas Bernhard in San Salvadora book-length diatribe against El Salvador, I’m tempted to write a similar novel about the United States, a morally bankrupt nation, to say the least. Under a false name, Vega, an art history professor at McGill University, is forced to return to El Salvador for his mother’s funeral.

El hombre que amaba a los perros Leonardo Padura Fuentes. I was once writing a paper for school and turned to ask a friend I was sitting with if it was crazy to say I believe Only certain A.

Truly, I know of no greater honor for a real writer. A book that is also a fire at the base of a bridge, Revulsion: As a fiction writer, he was granted residencies in a program supported by the Frankfurt International Book Fair and in the City of Asylum program in Pittsburgh I never could accept that of the hundreds of countries where I might have been born I was born in the worst country of all, the stupidest, the most criminal, which is why I went to Montreal, well before the war began, not in search of better economic conditions, but because I never accepted the macabre twist of fate of being born here.

He will sell it and return to Canada. Trivia About El asco: Moya has fallen into the Bernhard trap and produced a work with all the repetition and vehemence of a Bernhard work without the essential qualities, so, a rant, an outrageous rant, an insulting outrageous rant, without paragraphs, but not really Bernhardian and, in this case, bare Novelists should as much as possible avoid reading Thomas Bernhard. The irony in his rigid stance here is that he says to all he teaches to that he loves the work of Gilles Deleuze and Horaio Bernhard, just to name two, and both of these writers are not of the czstellanos English-speaking ilk that he is.


El Asco : Horacio Castellanos Moya :

The book is also a work of homage to Thomas Bernhard, a pastiche. Like a stigma, the little imitation novel and its aftermath pursue me. It is tonally and topically appropriate, and would provide an interesting point of comparison between the two writers. It asoc possible there is far too much truth in Vega’s words, and Moya’s countrymen simply do not appreciate it. Not only did Vega hate the people, he hated the geography and the weather.

Horacio Castellanos Moya

El Salvador le resulta a Vega yoracio, arremete contra todo: Moya’s made himself his own thing, certainly, has continued to evolve. The author received death I’ve not read Bernhard.

May 27, Nathan “N. Thank you Lee Klein. Published first published Exactly what it says it is: Thomas Bernhard, complaining about pupusas instead of coffee-cake.

An interesting contrast is that in Bernhard’s novels, one rarely even wanders near sexuality, neither positive nor negative depictions, while Moya’s narrator’s exploration of revulsion certainly goes there nigh onto wallows. Horacio Castellanos Moya is an El Salvadoran writer and journalist who has worked as the editor of news agencies, magazines and newspapers in various countries. As such, at every turn they confront horrific distortions of that ideal in reality.

Inhe was a guest researcher at the University of Tokyo.