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Modem ELPRO Technologies U-D User Manual .. Alternatively, use a long integer file type to transfer the analog value as a long integer in the range. User Manual U Radio Modem ELPRO Technologies Pty Ltd, 9/12 Billabong Street, Stafford Q , Australia. Tel: +61 7 Fax: +61 7 ELPRO Technologies manufactures wireless products for All ELPRO software, application notes, brochures and manuals are free to . U Module types. D-.

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After calling FlashErase data can be written again.

Chapter 6 Diagnostics dBm. So user can use the other segments whose total size is K bytes.

I-7188XA Series User s Manual

Loss measurement results query at Auto measurement mode Received nonexecutable query when no waveform Received command or query in illegal format Command error Fkletype parameter value Outofrange integer, negative value Abnormal parameter data type Specified real value in data that can only handle integer value Specified other value that cannot be processed Command OK but does not match MW status Received an invalid command during the OTDR mode. These products should not be used in non-industrial applications, or life-support systems, without consulting ELPRO Technologies first.

Short circuit segment protection. Consult the documentation for the actual slave for further information. On mabual, returns NoError 0. Remove the xcr, afxcr library from the Input Category. Chapter 4 Configuration The Fieldbus IN and OUT areas can be configured to a maximum size of words bytes each, depending on the configured fieldbus mappings.


So, before writing data to the Flash memory, must be erased first. However, if SetWeekDay is called, the function must calculate the correct weekday itself. Load the Project by selecting the project name from the Project menu.

EXE to run the TC 2. The system timer will call int flietype at intervals of 55 ms. Some control functions are timing-critical, so the local IXA D can handle these functions in real time without the need for control by Host PC. The message initiator can be either the G or host device.

Can a MTL unmanaged switch connect to a Hirschmann or another manufacturers unmanaged switch? Resets the timer to 0.

MiniOS7 supports this feature. On success, returns the starting address of the file information. This device complies with Part Please refer to StopWatchStart function for more detailed information.

During this time all active nodes masters obtain the token one time to send data. Chapter 4 Configuration 4. Received an invalid command during the OLTS mode. Select New from the File menu.

MW Series Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Serial Interface Operation Manual – PDF

The file index The first file is index 0. Reads event measurement results. Flash every ms; See the right diagram. A 16bit data is divided into upper and lower 8 bits and 45u in order.

Eaton MTL ยป Controlling, operating and protecting assets in harsh and hazardous areas

After the watchdog is enabled, the program should call the RefreshWDT function before the timer count reaches 0.


B4 Restore and Delete measurement result What is Redundant Ring? Puts Sends a string to COM1. Press Project to open project Press Compile to build the project. Month that this image was elpor DD: Select the function library and then click the Done button.

fi,etype Sets event table event search method. The MiniOS7 will use the last 64K bytes, and the remaining space can be used to store custom programs or data.

Take care of the time out. Up to slaves with a total max of byte input and byte output data can be connected. If the program does not refresh the watchdog timer every 0. Upgrading MiniOS7 using the xw. Please refer to SendCmdTo for more detailed information.

Success – Form saved to file SofTec Microsystems is always on. Applications include More information.

Set the DOS standard. The manuwl window has to be closed and then the download operation Step 4 could be done. The host device can read these registers. Exam review will be held Monday, October 4 th, in class.