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Mongoose Publishing acquire the Eternal Champion Licence from Chaosium in , and published new versions of both Elric of Melniboné and Hawkmoon. From the back of the core rulebook: “Elric of Melniboné is a fantasy roleplaying game based on Michael Moorcock’s most famous character. Young Kingdoms Adventurers. Extensive rules for creating Adventurers for Elric of Melniboné. You will need the RuneQuest Core Rulebook for this chapter.

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With this one volume, you have a complete guide to roleplaying in the world of Elric, Moonglum, Rackhir, Yyrkoon – and, of course, elic soul-stealing demon-sword Stormbringer.

Risking their very existence, such heroes reap the reward of fabulous magical knowledge or exotic technological weaponry.

In the field of heroic fantasy, Moorcock is the acknowledged master The four merchants rivals of the woman’s father, a man named Haver Nikorn hired Elric to storm his keep and kill him. Views Read Edit View history. Now the Empire lies in ruins, a bright shadow of its former glory.

England Invaded Before Armageddon. The game takes its name from Elric’s sword, Stormbringer though one edition was published as Elric! The Chaosium Buy at Amazon Elric: There is of course the non-human race known as the Melniboneans but they are little more functionally speaking than an eldritch and sorcerous race of decadent humans. Using monstrous demon allies, she forces the adventurers to do her bidding in a manner so fiendish that she ensures their loyalty melnibonee cooperation.

It includes a mslnibone record sheet, sixteen types of merchant vessels, various small boats, lethal warships, and the feared Melnibonean battle barge, Also featured are sailing instructions, a ship disaster table, sea menaces, storms, siege engines, seafaring, survival at sea, ship and sea battles in tire Saga, crew stats for five classes of vessels, creatures, scenario Hooks, an analysis of the Dark Ship that sails the multiverse, spot rules for shipboard combat, shipboard fumble rules, many illustrations, more.

It lies literally in the middle of the world, and ships sail from Purple Towns ports to every other nation. Each Player commands one or more Young Kingdoms in a desperate struggle to assert their mastery over the world of Elric.


The ultimate north terminates at a seething pole of chaos matter, one of the last areas of the world yet to be tamed and moulded by a Champion of Law. Continents, oceans, islands and seas were created. The bold, the desperate and the selfless risk much to make dreams come true. You are challenged, nay dared, to march forth, face eternity and conquer all that stands before you.

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Elric of Melniboné (1st & 2nd editions) | RPG | RPGGeek

Into the melnibonf of the fray he strides, heroic dlric at his side. The game players create imaginary characters who adventure together through a vision of Earth as it might be, where magic is real and heroes exist A few bold traders cross the steppe country between the city of Xanardwys and the cold waters of the Pale Sea, every journey requiring a fresh route due to the annual change to the pattern of the lakes and morasses. Temple of Chaos is a mysterious and sinister place, with many dooms for the unwary adventurer.

But oddly, the Kalevala was read to us at my boarding school when I was about seven”, and “from a very early age I was reading Norse legends and any books I could find about Norse stories”. New kingdoms were gathered, this time by human hands.

Each of these adventures explores places scattered across the world of the Young Kingdoms, revealing marvelous, mysterious, and treacherous locales such as the Floating Realm, a sargasso sea melniboone ruined ships; the Link Rpv, an engine of law which slowly mutates the winged Myrrhyn race; and a Chaos Storm, carrying the chaos pack of Queen Xiombarg, which hastens the appearance of the Infinite Cathedral of Gormweller the God Seller.

Elric of Melniboné

This page was last edited on 9 Decemberat Essentially, this book is for those Elric Games Masters and characters who wish to immerse themselves in the ways of Law, Chaos, Elements and other supernatural forces abroad in melnibohe Young Kingdoms. Since first the Gods forced them into the world, they have wielded dominion with their bloody might and mystic power.


Ryfel attracts the proponents of Chaos and Disorder; sorcerers, murderers and melnjbone cultists; thieves, fugitives and feuding clansmen. MGP, 96 page softcover, 15 oz.

Map of the Young Kingdoms is now simple black-and-white, printed on non-glossy paper.

Any adventurer created for an Eternal Champion game will function without flaw in any scenario in the series. Does the Epric Myshella not exert an influence over sleepy Alorasaz? What’s In This Box list states a copyright of and now includes the reference sheets.

In fact, this is the first appearance of the full and original novel, authorized and revised by Michael Moorcock for DAW Books. The citizens of Hwamgaarl take their pleasure in the Gardens of Pain, gather their knowledge at the University of Lucid Perversity, and propitiate the Lords of Chaos at the Palace-Temple of the Theocrat. Shadow Wars and a career in turn-based gaming – GamesTm”. The early version of the Elric saga, i. Encounters on Pan Tang The unknown east is described in depth, allowing for adventures in lands never fully revealed within the melinbone stories.

Uses a much-evolved and modified version of Chaosium’s Basic Role Playing rules set. Included here are guidelines for vehicular and aerial combat and exotic and powerful weapons found in the New Fenian armory, more than 50 Beast Orders from the isle of Granbretan, and a glimpse into the daily routine of Oshol Nariva — a typical member of the Order of the Boar. Experience the Thousand Year Dream practiced by the Sorcerer-Emperors of Melnibone, visiting distant, perhaps imagined realms and gaining unparalleled experience of the Multiverse.

All the characters and places from the Elric mythos are here, ready for your characters to meet and adventure with. Eric Victory and Death”.