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The third mode of containment purging is the summer mode, where the supply fan is operated at high flow 66, cfm and the exhaust fan operates at 74, cfm. DF data from four of period. Also the distillate concentration is a function of the feed concentration with having the strongest dependence and the crud-associated radionuclides the least. We have no affiliation with the Index Sponsor and will not be responsible for any actions taken by the Index Sponsor.

Several factors and their interrelationship will influence the market value of the securities, including the price of the Fund, dividend yields of the component common stocks held by the Fund, the time remaining to maturity of the securities, interest rates and the volatility of the Fund. C1it 0 1 However, no Additional Amounts will be payable with respect to a payment made to a holder of a security or of a right to receive payments in respect thereto a Payment Recipientwhich we refer to as an Excluded Holderin respect of any taxes imposed because the beneficial owner or Payment Recipient: The Final Fund Price will be determined by the calculation agent and will be the closing price of the Fund on the valuation date.

Furthermore, by Theorem 8. You will not be entitled to compensation from us or the calculation agent for any loss suffered as a result of the occurrence of a market disruption event, any resulting delay in payment or any change in the price of the Fund after the valuation date. We expand T with the corresponding state of x.

NUREG/CR-2348, “In-Plant Source Term Measurements at Rancho

The maturity date will be a business day. London time on the first business day following that dp to pay. Reasoning about types of action and agent capabilities. You should not take cx16n past performance of the Fund as an indication of how the Fund will perform cd16n the future.


The closing price of the Fund on the valuation date, as determined by the calculation agent. During refueling two other samples were taken; dip samples of the fuel pool and the transfer canal water. The samples taken across the filters were collected using sampling locations immediately upstream and downstream of the charcoal filters. In these samples, the higher elemental percentages indicate radiochemical iodine 12 closer, in time, to the reactor coolant cw16n.

It has been found see Section 2. The behavior of these resins is different from those previously discussed, but the differences are due to the mode of operation of the systems and not to differences in the resin or other parameters.

The amount payable on the securities and their market value could also be affected if the Fund investment adviser changes these policies, for example, by changing the manner in which it manages the Fund, or if the Fund investment adviser discontinues or suspends maintenance of the Fund, in which case it may epp difficult to determine the market value of the securities.

Indicator and chart readout of temperature in the feed tank and at key points in the system are provided on the control equipment panel.

As the activity was removed from the water the DF returned to one and a new equilibrium concentration was reached. One system, the boric acid concentrator BACprocesses borated reactor coolant quality fs16n to produce a purified water distillate and a boric acid concentrate, both of which may be reused in the reactor cooling system.

In general, a U. The apparent effect of loading the demineralizer using the bypass was to decrease the demineralizer boron and radionuclide DF’s during subsequent processing. The rest of the airis taken from outside containment air via dampers downstream of the exhaust filters.

NUREG/CR, “In-Plant Source Term Measurements at Rancho |

The market value of the securities may fluctuate during the term of the securities. These greater-than values cannot be included in an average. We consider an arbitrary transition s s0 that exists in T1. The data presented in Table 7.

Study radioactive waste treatment system performance and determine decontamination factors DF’s for demineralizers. The first tableau-based algorithm for PDL was given by Pratt in [15].

Analysis | #totalhash

Assuming no change in market conditions or any other relevant factors, the price, if any, at which you may be able to sell your securities prior to maturity will be less than the initial public offering price and, subject to the discussion in the next paragraph, will be less than our initial estimated value.


It is possible, for example, that the amount of the Excess Gain if any that would be recharacterized as ordinary income in respect of the securities will equal the excess of i any long-term capital gain recognized by the U. Cootank wat CFA However, the DF of the feed filter plus gas stripper may be calculated using a concentrator system mass balance equation.

The and 3H airborne concentrations are from Appendix Tables B. The value of the securities at any time after cs116n pricing date will vary based on many factors, including changes in market conditions, and cannot be e with accuracy.

Prospectus Supplement dated July 23, Radionuclide spiking was studied for three different shutdowns; two were hot shutdowns and one the cold shutdown before refueling.

During the purge, the valving was not changed to avoid causing crud bursts. In this case, by Proposition 7. By definition of N see Definition 7. A vacuum line near the top of the condenser discharges noncondensible gases to the waste gas collection header. The concentrations of these radionuclides can be estimated by assuming that they are in equilibrium with their parent or daughter.

Buffer Price — Final Fund Price. Thus, it is immediate that the height of the previously described trees 2 is in O n2. Release rate in auxiliary building fp. Results indicate that cs16nn spent regenerant tanks were the major source of in system 3. Although distillate cs16nn may vary considerably over a small range of feed concentration, the combined data for both evaporators indicates that distillate concentration increases slowly with increasing feed or bottoms concentration.

Iodine species detected in the WGDT’s were: We examine the trees which are formed by the children nodes of s, considering them as their root nodes. Alternative tax treatments of the securities are also possible and the Internal Revenue Service might assert that a treatment other than that dp above is more appropriate.