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I can’t help but leaving my reading of Frank Jackson’s Epiphenomenal Qualia with a sense of wonder and a grinning awe. This, independent of. Epiphenomenalism is a position on the mind–body problem which holds that physical and .. () “Epiphenomenal Qualia”, The Philosophical Quarterly, 32 , pp. – Online text; James, William. () The Principles of Psychology, . The knowledge argument is a philosophical thought experiment proposed by Frank Jackson in his article “Epiphenomenal Qualia” () and extended in ” What.

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History of Western Philosophy. Enhanced bibliography for this entry at PhilPaperswith links to its database.

Look up epiphenomenalism in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. This subjective experience is often called a quale plural qualiaand it describes the private “raw feel” or the subjective ” what-it-is-like ” that is the inner accompaniment of many mental states.

Although it does not entail substance dualism, according to Green, epiphenomenalism implies a one-way form of interactionism that is just as hard to conceive of as the two-way form embodied in substance dualism. Christopher Maloney argues similarly:.


This, however, does not yet license any further conclusions about the nature of the experiences that these discursively unlearnable facts are about. When combined with the traditional arguments Qualiq given above, it becomes a potent source of support for epiphenomenalism.

More generally, a regularity is causal only if it is not explained as a consequence of underlying regularities. Anomalous Monism and Externalism 3.

Frank Jackson, Epiphenomenal qualia – PhilPapers

In Conee’s account, one can come to know be acquainted with a phenomenal quality only by experiencing it, but not by knowing facts about it as Mary did. Tell me everything physical there is to tell about what is going on in a living brain People claim that qualia are evolved features and help in survival. Nonetheless, absent insight into the necessity of the connection between neural properties and qualitative properties, we are arguably in an explanatory position similar to traditional epiphenomenalism.


This combined issue of the Journal of Consciousness Studies contains eight papers presenting a variety of positions regarding epiphenomenalism. Consciousness, color, and content. A History and Defense of AnimismLondon: As Kim again explicitly recognizedp.

I am what is sometimes known as a “qualia freak”. We are unable to understand why it should be that a series of neural activations occurring in various degrees of intensity and temporal relations should always be accompanied epiphennomenal pain, or itch, or, indeed, by any phenomenal quality whatever.

Knowledge argument – Wikipedia

Linguistic physicalism is the thesis that everything physical can be expressed or captured in the languages of the basic sciences…Linguistic physicalism is stronger than metaphysical physicalism and less plausible. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat In a similar argument, philosopher Philip Pettit likens the case of Mary to patients suffering from akinetopsiathe inability to perceive the motion of objects. Staudacher points out that if we are allowed to raise skeptical challenges of the kind Pauen raises, it will be possible to construct analogous, unanswerable skeptical challenges for interactionism.

Because there can be many kinds of pumps, we cannot identify being a pump with any of the configurations that realize pumps. Our intuition that pumps move fluids is just an illusion.


In fact, they epiphenomensl hold that the relevance of indirect causation is exhausted by its ensuring that P3 would not occur unless M had recently occurred.

Today, this argument is generally associated with Popper and Eccles, As Kim was well aware, this attractive solution depends on a key point in the analogy between mental properties and the property of being a pump. The list below contains all items referred to in the foregoing article, and a few other sources that offer particularly helpful discussions.

Some philosophers have, however, noted that if Libet’s own claims are accepted, then some of our actions are initiated prior to our conscious intention to perform them. The tough minded slugists are optimistic that their science will in principle describe everything without remainder.

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Please help by editing the article to make improvements to the overall structure. This article may be in need of reorganization to comply with Wikipedia’s eliphenomenal guidelines. Some early twentieth century dictionaries list only this meaning of the term; by mid-twentieth century, the focal philosophical meaning is standardly given.

They offered that epiphenomenalism bridges, epiphhenomenal does not close, the explanatory gap between the physical and the phenomenal realms. Meditation and the Scope of Mental Action. Maudsley were exponents of the view.