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Eretmocerus eremicus is a tiny parasitic wasp (less than 1 mm. in length). The targets of eretmocerus eremicus are mainly Glasshouse whitefly and Tobacco. Rose, M.; Zolnerowich, G. Eretmocerus Haldeman (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) in the United States, with descriptions of new species. Eretmocerus eremicus is a small parasitic wasp the also host feeds on greenhouse and silverleaf whitefly nymphs. E. eremicus lays an egg inside the nymph.

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Mint cuttings 5—6 inches were taken from stock plants and placed into 6-inch pots with Professional Growing Mix Sun Gro Horticulture. Females lay their eggs between the whitefly nymph and the leaf surface. The parasitized eretmocfrus pupa turns yellow in colour and is independent of species.

After days of chewing the parasitoid larva enters the host where it remains dormant until the whitefly pupates. Host feeding also takes place.

Storage and handling Biological beneficials have a very short life expectancy and therefore need to be introduced into the crop as soon as possible after receipt.

Aleyrodidae including greenhouse whitefly Trialeurodes vaporariumsweetpotato whitefly B. Since the response variable was efemicus data with no upper bound, in model statement distribution was specified as Poisson.

Eretmocerus eremicus: Beneficial Insects – Natural Organic Biological Pest Control

Product Reviews Login or Register to write the first review. This is accomplished by chewing a circular exit hole. The eretmocerys emerged larva attaches its hook-like mouthparts to the underside of the whitefly nymph and chews a small hole into the whitefly. Check local registration requirements. Once the whitefly pupal stage is reached, the wasp larva releases digestive enzymes, and begins ingesting the semi-liquid body parts of the pupa.


Longevity depends on temperature and availability of food, such as honeydew produced by whiteflies.

Visual effect After about 2 weeks, the first parasitized pupae can be seen in the crop. Storing them for a period can have a negative impact on their quality and is eretmocdrus possible under the conditions described below.

Pseudococcidae in Containerized Coleus in Greenhouse, Aphelinidae on Bemisia tabaci Hymenoptera: You want to visit the corporate eretmcerus Whitefly pupae that have been parasitized by E.

Whitefly pupae that have been parasitized by E. The introduction rates of this product should be adjusted to the mode of action of the product and the results that eremicuus be expected in the crop where the product is applied. Male wasps have longer, elbowed antennae, and are yellowish brown in color.

Longevity depends on temperature and availability of food, such as honeydew produced by whiteflies. You can find more information about the use of cookies in our Privacy Statement and Cookie Statement.

Eretmocerus eremicus

You want to visit the website of Koppert USA, click here. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. This is accomplished by chewing a circular exit hole. Intensive deleafing in tomatoes hinders the population build up of whitefly parasites.


Females lay eggs per day.

Cyantraniliprole was effective in suppressing MED whitefly life-stages throughout the study period Table 1. In commercial mass rearing with greenhouse whitefly eret,ocerus the host, this wasp has a sex ratio of 1: Female wasps also kill whitefly nymphs by repeatedly probing with their ovipositors and feeding on the haemolymph blood that exudes from the wound. Koppert uses cookies and similar technologies cookies.

Eretmocerus eremicus | UMass Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment

Koppert Biological Systems can not be held liable for unauthorized use. Females will inspect all whitefly stages with the same relative frequency as their encounter rate. Egemicus californicus Howard Hymenoptera: This aphelinid parasitoid does not deposit fecal-like material within the host before emergence as do some other parasitoids of whiteflies.

Inundative releases have also been made to suppress whiteflies infesting ornamental and vegetable crops in greenhouses. Females lay eggs per day. Add To Wish List. In the current study, whitefly parasitization by wasps was insignificant, and thus parasitized immatures and emerged wasps were not included in the analysis. Four treatments— eretmocdrus control, 2 cyantraniliprole, 3 E.