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So in this case all related M3UA configuration (links/associations) is done at MGW and all SCCP configuration (ssn, pointcodes & Global Titles). SolutionPack for Ericsson MGW Summary Sheet. Overview; Technical specifications; Where to find the latest SolutionPack software; Performing prerequisite. FGC Uen Rev G Ericsson Media Gateway for Mobile Networks, M-MGw R5 Network Impact Report Ericsson Media Gateway for Mobile.

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Audit Trail is a chronological record of successfully performed configuration activities, which is useful for the operator when trying to sort out what has happened in the system.

This will involve a node reboot. More specifically, multimedia calls are supported: The feature follows these specifications: Attributes The following attributes are added in existing Managed Objects: The node configuration data is preserved in the eridsson to M-MGw R5. In case of T1, also 56 kbps channels are possible. Skip to main content.

MOM awareness is introduced, enabling the following general enhancements: An expansion can also be made within one base configuration. The possibility to define a group of MOs. Compressed speech on Nb interface makes it possible to achieve: The MSC Server can initiate the creation of connections in the ericson bearer network.

The Audit Trail contains information about activities performed on the CORBA management interface, configuration activities using shell commands as well as file transfer activities. Here is an example of the name of a raw PM file: The M-MGw also provides inter-working between different transport technologies.


Media gateway – Wikipedia

The selected size of the jitter compensation is based on continuous measurements of jitter. Also handover between two GSM coverage areas for data services is supported. New Performance Measurement PM counters have been added, see chapter 5.

The M-MGw R5 node supports soft upgrade with disturbances limited to the boards with concerned software upgrade or update. Preventive Cyclic Retransmission is needed if narrowband MTP2 signaling links are carried over satellite links and mgq other links with long delays. For the new Mn interface the feature follows this specification: The required GPB version has been added.

Sigtran Configuration With Ericsson Media Gateway

Session Description Protocol 5. Views Read Edit View history. Events The following new events have been added: The routing can be based on: Mhw Center Find new research papers in: The node reboot impact of a hard upgrade is approximately 90 seconds system down time per node. Retrieved from ” https: Converged Infrastructure Hyper-Converged Infrastructure.

Data collection method Stream collector. UDP checksum support has been removed.

Media gateway

Mobile access media gateways connect the radio access networks of a public land mobile network PLMN to a next-generation core network. Noise reduction is activated per node. The feature allows an operator to connect an incoming time-slot, e. The following attributes are added to existing Managed Objects: Deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired persons can use specific TTY Teletypewriter equipment to transmit text messages through ordinary speech traffic channels.


The text characters are converted to special tones, so called Baudot tones. The upgrade to M-MGw R5 is erlcsson either as a soft upgrade6 or as a hard upgrade6. This document is a living document that is subject to change during the development of the new release. These base configurations support core network based on IP.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Log In Sign Up. Before you begin Allow at least three polling cycles to pass before manually running the scheduled task.

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The removed boards can be used as spare parts. This requires an own optional feature see chapter 5. Though, the whole upgrade procedure takes substantially longer with pre- checks, locking, unlocking etc. Mga them allows for a maximum data throughput of March Learn how and when to remove this template message.