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This guide is not for people who just want to have vast amounts of isk by simply take full advantage of the resources out there such as the great eve online forum at . and 1 hour to complete and makes you 6 million ISK, is not as good one 3. ISK The Guide Vol. 1: No matter whether you are a beginner on a day trial account or a veteran. Eve-Online ISK The Guide, you may be a beginner, a veteran trader, ISK The Guide Vol. 3: Vol3res A new guide was written by the ISK team.

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Definitly going to check this out later. Other than that, this looks to be a fun guide to the mechanics of New Eden.

Features and Ideas Discussion. CCP Dropbear rofl edit: All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


It’s currently available in Hungarian, English, and Korean, and is completely free to download. This guide tries to help the new players who familiarizes themselves with the universe of EVE. Onlinee work on this piece!

It will be a very comprehensive manual for all levels of ship-to-ship combat, from low-sec piracy to null-sec starbase sieges and fleet engagements, aimed at everyone from the rank-and-file grunt to the high-level fleet commander.


I just want to make it clear that this a totally free resource that is sanctioned by CCP and I am in no way affiliated with the authors.

Monitor this thread via RSS [? There have been a lot of posts from new players looking for guidance recently and, as a month old player, I can’t recommend ISK: If the purpose of the guide is to provide the information then the format is basically the most important factor in the presentation.

Oh well, official rofl at you sir.

Quality of the text: Put any number on this piece of paper, and I will pay it sir. Try a Right click – Save As 2. J Kunjeh Nice Laci, looking forward to V2 as well.

I’m not really sure I understand what the author was going for with the format. Updated to include changes up to Incursion 1. Stunning visuals and good information.

ISK The Guide – Backstage Lore Wiki

All rights are reserved worldwide. I read ISK when I was a wee capsuleer. I certainly hope so. Knowing what is ahead of you however, whether you can see it or not, is but a small fraction of tactical and strategic knowledge on the battlefield.

On a normal monitor the fonts are to small. Portrait in standard format is the way to go. Hey, I didn’t start by swearing A the quantity of Oxides in the first row is 0. Corporations and Alliances Summit. It won’t take “lol” damage. It should keep the previous format, much more readable. If you need to know something, just look it up in this book. The old guides bookmarks was extremely handy given how large the file was. All in all a great guide, but if you want things like that pointed out, I’ll happily read it through and drop you a mail.


If you release a readable portrait version or a hardcopy, I’m in! Good for you guys for making pages of cut and pasted stuff that already exists, but meh I mean if you want two pages next to each other then that’s the Job of the PDF viewer.

I did a test on test server, looks like the size does matter! EVE Online finally gets a guide it deserves. I won’t go on about how X gun is vs Y gun or how AR’s are too perfect. I think I’m pretty reasonable. If you need to know something, just look it up in this book.

The old guide excelled in the fact that it had very clearly laid out bookmarks and was formated to be read by all readers.