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A review and a link to other reviews of Exegesis by Astro Teller. Teller, a year-old Ph.D. student specializing in artificial intelligence, is the grandson of nuclear physicist Edward Teller, commonly known as the father of the. Exegesis is a novel written in the form of email messages between its two major protagonists, Alice Lu and EDGAR. However, Astro Teller’s.

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Aroundthe machine earned our respect for its strength. Alice’s open-faced humanity is comforting. To begin with, I try not to think of Exegesis as a cautionary tale of any sort. Dec 28, Janni “Gulde” added it Shelves: My favorite page is the first one- so good. So my answer is that I am certainly pro-science and I interpret Telleg as pro-science too. Ways to Hide in Winter. Oct 08, Mary rated it it was ok.

While questions like these are nothing new, your view of them just might be once you’ve made your way through this breezy little book. Sold to Paramount Pictures.

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Written when the Internet was starting to boom mid ’90sbut before google or even The Web. Researchers in computer vision at CMU have developed a camera that actually records 3-D information.

The character of Alice surprised me a little.


The grandson of hydrogen-bomb creator Edward Teller, astroo a Ph. Why would that drive her to suicidal despair??? Exegfsis are a few hints that it could expand but they always lead to a dead end. Jun 08, Krista Almazan rated it it was amazing. Retrieved 16 December He is the son of Paul Teller, who was an instructor in the philosophy of science at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Chantal DeSoto, a buyer and clothing designer for Sears who later became a teacher of gifted children.

Spy of the First Person. Glimpses of the Moon. Wilbur and his brother at Kitty Hawk, Lindbergh crossing the Atlantic, Yeager going faster than sound, Apollo 11 on the moon, etc.

LitFlash The eBooks you want atsro the lowest prices. While this one sounded compelling when I stumbled across it, it left me cold in the end. Close study of the NSA’s final report on the matter proved equally fruitless. Jan 19, Souheil Moufarrej rated it liked it. This is not a book that is for marriage fxegesis for divorce, but for the freedom to decide how to live most honestly and happily either as part of a couple or a single person.

Why did you write this book?

Other stories from our culture that I was particularly conscious of while writing Exegesis include FrankensteinPygmalionand Flowers for Algernon. Nonetheless, kudos to Teller on a quality Write for his first novel. There are an incredible range of projects going on in AI labs worldwide. Tell us what universal stories you are drawing upon.


Teller seems to have done rather well by the book. Books by Astro Teller. Aug 19, Pages. I have had people describe Exegesis to me as a modern retelling of the Frankenstein myth. Artificial Intelligence is in the second category, not the first.

Exegesis – Astro Teller

The e-mail and website gimmick might have ran dry if it exceeded pp. How soon can we expect to meet him in real life? While questions like these are nothing new, your view of A simple data asto file gains a consciousness and goes rogue in this one and only novel by the curiously-named Astro Teller a likely name for a sci-fi writer if ever there was one.

So she has some exegsis of social life going on. The Splendor Before the Dark. History teaches that people in general and scientists in particular are horrible at predicting the future. Books and Films